XY6 Emerald Break Leaflet Promotion Thingy...

Hey Everyone. So, my Emerald Break Boxes will be delivered in about a week or two. I have noticed that Japan is running a Promotion with the Leaflets in the set. They will either have a 0 or a 1 on them. If you collect 3 with a 1 on them and send them in then you will be sent back a gift. I believe it’s a Shiny Promo Rayquaza Ex, but i’m not completely sure. I have 14 Booster Boxes coming in and from what I see you get about 6 leaflets with a 1 on them per booster box. i wil likely have between 10-20 sets of the leaflets to claim the promo card. Is there anyone on here that lives in Japan that I can send them to and send them in for me and send them back when they are received. Obviously, I would pay for shipping and stuff. There isn’t a Maximum of one per household on this promotion, is there?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated! :blush:

You can ship up to 9 cards (with 1) for each envelope, so you will receive 3 Shiny Rayquaza EX for envelope that you sent.
For more detail of the campaign see: www.pokemon-card.com/campaign/pcc/

Do you happen to know anybody in Japan who can be a middleman for me?

Iv got 15 of the 1 mark cards atm so I’ll need someone in Japan who can help getting the promos. @japanime can you help out?

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Here is a link to the other thread about this.


This is obviously going to be a thing that a lot of the forum users will want help with. Should we all organise to get this done together?

I’ll have a few I’ll be using a friend to help with but I give him a few bucks for his time and help.

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I agree. Maybe if the mods want to put a thread together? I’d be willing to pay shipping costs and a reasonable middleman fee.

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That was sorta the reason I created this thread…

it would be good if we could find a JP friend. i was just in tokyo and met a few JP people i now have on facebook. they’d probably help me out :blush:

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I would also greatly benefit from this, but it all comes down to the middleman fee in my case. :\

PM’s sent :wink:

I’m currently looking into a middleman service for us… Will keep you all posted!


I already have one, will cost you fees however. I’ll PM you too.

Mine will have fees too, though not nearly as high as that. Will keep you posted.

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Nearly as high as what? Did you even speak to my contact? Did you get a quote? Or did you base everything off what I paid/my circumstances?

Sorry, just don’t want anyone down talking a service they haven’t even asked about themselves. =)

If you’re offering a service to the public for this specific instance, post what you are offering.

I’m allowing this to happen on our forum, but only if all details are made public. There can be undercutting, but there cannot be bickering or defensiveness. Unless you’ve made your details public and available, you don’t have a service here.

Just a general note from here on out.


Japanime is offering a Service! :blush:

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