XY Primal Clash: Booster Box Pull Rates

Everything I’ve seen is too epic. I was bracing myself for a return to XY Base pull rates with 4 EX per box, what with the Japanese rates…I guess I was wrong…

The set hasn’t come out yet though has it?

Yes, but prerelease judges have started posting openings.

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I have gotten 20 packs. Got Trevanant EX and Gardevoir EX and FA Mega Agrron EX. Almost everyone at my prerelease got at least an EX out of their 8 packs.

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They slipped out in some store as early as December. I got 12 packs about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Yeah, thats where all the card leaks came from. I personally didn’t pick any up because I didn’t want to pay $5 for a single pack. Can’t wait for my box to arrive!

Where can i get a box? would love some of these cards?

eBay, Amazon, your local card/comic shop may even have some. I pre-ordered mine off of eBay.

Pre-Release pull rates are usually not the same as regular booster boxes. 8 Ultra’s per box isn’t going to happen normally. If you think it is then your CraZy! 4-6 Ultra’s is typically “Normal” for a English Booster Box. That’s why I don’t buy English Booster Boxes anymore…

How would prerelease rates be different? All of the packs come from booster boxes. 8 ultras was not uncommon with Phantom Forces and with the size of this set, I’d think they’d keep the rates the same.

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Anyone know someone selling cases for 500 or less?

Legacy Cards has cases for $520. But, I think you need to pay shipping on top of that.



Have had good experiences with this guy over the last three or so years.

I’ve seen a few boxes with 7+ ultra rares. Inb4 the regular holos become the real chase cards.
But really, with over 30 EX or better cards, they really did have to do something about the pull rates.

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I’ve bought a few cases in the past before from eBay seller djedminister for $500 shipped, but I see he didn’t have them for sale this time around for Primal Clash. If you buy multiple from potomacdist.com, they do some discounts and it comes out to around $518 per case plus free shipping (and they also have coupons on their site so you can get a free item like some card sleeves or whatever). However, usually you need a reselling permit to be able to get them for $500 or less and that would be directly through the distributors.

I figured the pull rates would be more or less like Legendary Treasures. Guess the prices will go down a bit, but at least the singles will be easier to get that way :sunglasses:

From what I’ve seen from sales and box openings on youtube, it looks like the ultra rares and secret rares have all been miscut with more border on the right. I wonder if this will be another set like flashfire with bad card quality.

I hope not…I’ll post detailed pics of all ultras that I pull when my box arrives on Monday.

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@pottsinator oh no…


That’s pretty cool though haha. I’d pay $30 :stuck_out_tongue: