Are pull rates better in the Pre-release kits than Boxes


So I just got finished watching Poke Rev open these 2 item:

  • 10x Darkness Ablaze Pre-Release kits ( 40 packs )

  • 1x Darkness Ablaze Booster Box

The booster box had the usual pull rates. But 8 of the 10 pre-release boxes had an Ultra Rare + ( many had a Secret / Rainbow Rare ). One box had 2 Ultra Rares in it.

My buddy attended a pre-release thing at our LCS, opened one pre-release kit and pulled the Vmax Zard. He didnt get the exact numbers, but said many people were hitting in their pre-release box.

Does anyone see a trend? I was going to buy a few boxes of this stuff, but have decided to go another route and purchased 2 cases ( 20 Pre-release kits )

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How much do the pre release kits go for? I like opening packs that have good pull rates. I refuse to open the average booster box because I literally only want the 1 good pull the box might have. So the other 35 packs of bulk don’t help me. I like gold cards and rainbow rares. Full arts for older eras. So these usually come 0-1 per box.

My friend bought them in store for $30CAD + tax.

I grabbed mine for $40CAD per shipped. Might have better options if youre an American, not a lot of options in Canada

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I’m guessing that’s about $20-$25 American. So seems like a decent deal and how many packs?

$25 for most card shops around me.

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I can’t say for certain on Darkness Ablaze because we haven’t opened any yet, but in the past when my store has opened Prerelease Kits (Build & Battle Boxes) for singles the pullrates actually line up pretty well with Booster Box pullrates on average. They are a lot more swingy though.

What I mean by that is if you opened 50 boxes of Build and Battle Kits and 56 boxes (Those are pretty close to the same amount of packs) of any given set, you would expect the same amount of holos, ultra, SRs, etc. However, in our experience, while on average this is true, the amount of Ultras in any given box of Build & Battle kits has been very up and down. We’ve opened many with 15+ Ultras and 4+ SRs, and then we’ve opened boxes with 2 Ultras and nothing else. It always averages out in the end, but it’s quite a coinflip on any individual box.


I’m sorry but you’re a fool if you think the factory these cards are printed in are specifically putting more rares in specific product. It’s not like they’re using different sheets for the packs in the prerelease boxes compared to any other product. I acknowledge different batches of cards exist; however, I’m very doubtful the odds change between them.
It may just be that in general with more and more special cards being added to sets the rates are going up across the whole set.

Unless something specifically changed with how they package build & battle kits for Darkness Ablaze (which I very much doubt), then the kits are no more or less likely to give you better pulls. I’ve attended multiple prerelease events where kits have had four green code packs, or one holo, or one GX etc. They appear to adhere to the general 1:3 ratio.

I saw Rev’s video and I think he just got very lucky!

The thing to consider most here is that the pre-release boxes are MUCH more expensive per pack compared to booster boxes.Darkness ablaze packs cost under $3 per pack, and pre-release packs cost $5-6 per. So whats the better value? Also consider most of these pre-release cards drop to be very cheap after the set has been released for a little bit, so they won’t always be recouping some value (outside of anomalies of very popular pokemon like charizord).

Since Sun and Moon Base Set I have pulled 1 or GX/V-Max/Full Art trainer out of a pre-release pack. My last pre-release, the Sword and Shield one, I pulled a normal V and full art V.

Don’t forget, that a pre-release kit also comes with a 40 cards pre-made deck with one of the four pre-release stamped cards.

For me i can get a case of pre release kits for $250 CAD. The only thing is the hits aren’t guaranteed like they are with a booster box. I know of multiple people who only got 4 or 5 hits in the 40 packs. I myself got 8 and 2 of them were charizards, one v and one vmax. IMO its a bit of a gamble. You can buy 2 booster boxes for the same price and would do far better with the 72 packs.