XY BreakPoint Pull Rates

1st case of Checklane Blisters (288): 20 FA, 20 BREAK, 29 Regular Art, 4 Secret.

If you take out the Breaks, that is about par with pre-Break sets, so if the rest are the same, the Break’s are not taking from the EX/FA pulls.

Do you make money from opening all those blisters?

I assume he doesn’t open them just for kicks :blush:

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Any upside-down breaks :stuck_out_tongue:?

Usually haha. With the promo in there, it is usually a better deal than buying booster boxes.

So far no, but I have not opened the 3-Pack Blisters yet

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Are they the one booster or three booster variety?

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One booster, you can find the video on his youtube channel.


I will try to have a 3-pack blister(s) video up later.

So far 4 different coins have came out of the single blisters: Victini, Deoxys, Genesect, Pikachu

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Just came on here to ask about that Ultra Rare Gyarados. What a card! Anyone know the likelihood of me packing one if I bought a box? Feel like a Japanese box if I can.

Any thoughts on the card quality for this set Rusty? I saw in your video you said it was good, but not sure if that holds up or it was a fluke. Given that you handle a large amount of ultra rare cards, you probably have the best idea of anyone.

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Breaks, FA’s, and Regular arts are all good, but not the best. I ran in a small amount having left side edge wear, but the corners are undamaged for the most part.

I was worried about the breaks since the ones from Break Evolution has chips on the front border, but these do not.

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