Xbox Unveil today

Anyone else looking forward to this? Hopefully Illumiroom is confirmed :blush:

I watched the highlights when I got home but I was dissappointed there was no mention of the illumiroom :frowning:

the slick muilti tasking looks good though but I doubt I will use it much. I am just waiting for e3now to see what both show off.

PS4 is what I’m waiting for!

I’m happy with my beast gaming PC. :blush:

Personally I’m going to purchase a ps4 but I was really impressed with the Xbox one unveil!

The specs for the ps4 are better than the Xbox one.

I’m not getting this new Xbox because it’s not backwards compatible. Sure, maybe a year or two after it’s release, when most games get re-released and new games get re-released for it, but there’s no way I’m going to drop hundreds of dollars on a system that can’t even play my favorite games.

Opinions on this? It’s been circulating pretty heavily. Although partially speculation, this seems like a fairly compelling argument.

I heard this rumour too.

Also, E3 is in a week (I think?) and there’s’ due to be a major announcement about the future of the Xbox 360 which will make it here for years to come apparently?

I am swaying for the PS4 this time around. ;D

E3 Exclusive: Microsoft starting forced recall program of all Xbox consoles that are not the Xbox One. Anyone who resists will be prosecuted under law. Anyone found with an Xbox or Xbox 360 console after x-date will be arrested, and their consoles destroyed.

Microsoft: Burning your women and raping your churches.

I hope some of that article is not true. I become more disappointed with “next gen” gaming the more I read. I have a PS3 and Xbox 360 but occasionally play them. I wonder if it is due to the fact that I am getting older, and/or the companies putting way too much effort into graphics instead of game play.

This video of Call of Duty Ghosts “New A.I. Immersion System” sums up the value system I see in current titles.

I saw that video a few days ago and laughed until I cried.