E3 2015

Hey guys,

Thinking of pre-ordering a few games from E3 to get my 30% off from Amazon.

Currently torn between:

JustCause 3
The Last Guardian
Uncharted 4
Star Wars BattleFront
Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Thinking of picking 2 out of them for ps4. Any suggestions? (Wish Rise of the Tomb Raider was being released for ps4 tbh)

Fallout 4 aaaaand mirrors edge

Have you played previous Fallout, Just Cause, and Uncharted Games?
Are you a Star Wars fan?
Have you played games that are similar to what TLG will be?
Have you played Mirrors Edge?

Disregarding those questions, my own personal opinion is to go for Just Cause 3, The Last Guardian and Fallout 4.

Have never played Fallout before or Mirrors edge. Played Star Wars, all the Uncharteds and some Just Cause.

Yeah Im thinking Last Guardian, Just Cause, can’t decide on the 3rd tho haha. I hear fallout is a long game so I’m not sure if its worth it if I probably wont finish. Last Guardian looks great, apperently alot like Colossus, and well Just Cause is just cause haha. Mirrors Edge intrigues me tho, seems abit linear but has potential

Skyrim was basically Fallout in a different setting, so if you like Skyrim gameplay and genre then you should like Fallout.

Yeah I saw that too. Couldn’t agree more, the fact that there is no campaign really is upsetting. Used to spend hours on end playing the Star Conquest vs AI and such. Might test out Fall out 4, seems like a fresh new series to try

Play mirrors edge before going for the second, it’s a very different game and you may not like it. Personally i loved it, beautiful soundtrack!

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I heard a multitude of positive reviews about it, so I decided to go ahead and Pre-order it, along with just cause 3! Quite pleased with those two games from what Ive seen online. Still not sold on Last Guardian releasing next year, and although Uncharted has great visuals, I found myself rushing through it alot in the past just to get to the cutscenes

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Uncharted is a great series of games!

I’ve preordered forza for Xbox:p