Nintendo Switch AKA NX Revealed!

Anyone else excited about this?



I think Nintendo got it right this time and that this is exactly what was needed in today’s market. I’m excited by the idea of all of Nintendo’s consoles coming together on one product. The best Zelda games on handheld, Pokemon games on the big screen. The design looks good, the name is right. It seems like they might be getting the 3rd party support they need too. Overall it’s very promising.

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Perfect for the type of loser who can’t live for a few moments without playing video games.


So all of us


You understand.

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I’m just wondering what I should do with my Wii U and all the disc games :slightly_frowning_face:

Here is the trailer for anyone interested.

Hmm, overall I’m not entirely sure what I think about the new Nintendo Switch. Seems like it has potential but how does it compare to other consoles? I’ve read that Nvidia is developing the graphics engine, but just how powerful is it? Can it stand up with the Xbox and Playstation? Also, what about all those detachable parts? If you lose one of the Joy-con controllers are you screwed? What about battery life when it is not plugged in?

It’s nice that you have the option to game on the go with it but, in my opinion, if I am gaming on the go, I’d rather use my 3DS.