WTT Raw Shadowless Raichu for PSA 10 Rainbow Charizard


So maybe this is a dumb trade that nobody will take but thought I’d attempt it since I know there is Shadowless demand and someone may want to trade.

This is a raw card but to me (but I am no expert) this has a high chance of getting a 9. The holo looks very clean, the surface looks clean, the back edges has slight whitening on bottom right corner and slight whitening on right side if you look at it at a certain angle.

If I get an overwhelming response that this is for sure a PSA 8 I will take this down as I know that is not a fair trade. I collect cards very slowly and probably wouldn’t submit a bulk submission to PSA for a few months so probably couldn’t get this graded for 6 months + so wanted to see if anyone wanted to trade so I could get a Rainbow charizard before then! I value the Rainbow charizard and Raichu PSA 9 at around $350-$400.

Anyway, I will take as many pics as possible if interested. Here are a few - let me know if you think this is a 9 or if it is an 8 like I said I will take it down. Thanks!

That looks like a PSA 9! Best of luck and I hope you can get a deal here :blush:

That’s too much of a close call. The holo looks pretty good, but I don’t know about that back. It’s definitely in the 8-9 range.

Tbh, I think it would be more fair to ask to trade for a Mint Rainbow Zard than to expect to get a PSA 10. Or you can try to sell the Raichu and see how you do, but I don,t think you’re getting anywhere close to $300 for it. Maybe someone would gamble $150 on it and hope to double up on a 9 or lose half the money if it comes back as a 8.

I didn’t take 10 different angle shots of each card, but this is just to show how slight of a difference you can have between a 8 and 9. I think the only extra flaw I can see is a tiny 0.5 cm scratch on the holo of my 8. Other than that, they’re near identical. So I don’t think it’s fair to value a raw card at full top dollar market value.

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Have you considered sending it in a non bulk order?

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That’s fair you are probably right asking full market value for a raw card is probably stretching it too far. Just thought I’d take a stab at it. While getting a mint hyper rare Charizard in exchange seems good in theory, I think I can buy one of those for $130-$150 on eBay so at that point I think I’d rather keep this card. Just didn’t know if there were any gamblers on here that wanted to try it. I may add a little cash to the mix but probably not much. Thanks!

No problem. That’s the thing though… even paying $130-150 for this would already be a gamble. I think you should just get it graded and hope for the best. Good luck!