WTT list PSA cards.

Hello, I have a list below of what I have for trade. I’m mostly looking for PSA 10s ADV/PCG (japanese) holos for my growing collection. Nothing WOTC or cards after BW/XY. I will also post serial number alongside card detail fyi. Please message me if any card catches your attention and I will provide pics upon request. I want to make straight trades with minimal cash if needed on top. I live in the USA (VA) and will ONLY trade with USA (no canada) thank you for looking!! :metal:

PSA 10 JP Pikachu ex legendary shiny collection 1st ed 25240761.

PSA 10 lottery promo JP Venusaur 24911106.

PSA 10 Ho-Oh break JP promo 26101514.

PSA 10 Mysterious Treasures Blissey holo

PSA 10 HGSS Triumphant Solrock holo 24823105.

PSA 10 lottery promo Typlosion holo 24071120.

PSA 10 Full art Mewtwo ex blue shock 1st ed 24951351.

PSA 10 Dominoes promo Snorlax LV. X 24498421.

PSA 10 Full art charizard ex wild blaze 1st ed. 24498294.

PSA 10 EX Sandstorm Flareon holo 25472234.

PSA 10 EX Sandstorm Jolteon holo 25472240.

PSA 10 EX Legend Maker Cradily reverse holo 25195724.

PSA 9 EX Legend Maker Shiftry holo 24472391.

PSA 9 EX Legend Maker Pinsir reverse holo 25195696.

PSA 9 EX Sandstorm Zangoose holo 24904518.

PSA 9 EX Team Rocket Returns Steelix holo 25544490.

PSA 10 JP Holon Phantoms Rayquaza delta 26556777.