WTT: PSA 10 Cards & Other Items, LF: Booster Boxes, etc.

Hey everyone :blush:

I am looking to trade some items for Sealed Booster Boxes or Unweighed Packs from the following sets:
Base Set (1st Ed, Shadowless, Unlimited, 4th Print & All Foreign Prints 1st Ed & Unlimited)
1st Ed Jungle
Red Logo Jungle
1st Ed Fossil
Red Logo Fossil
1st Ed Gym Challenge
1st Ed & Unlimited Neo Series (Genesis, Discovery, Revelation, Destiny)
Legendary Collection
ex Team Aqua vs. Team Magma
ex Fire Red & Leaf Green
ex Team Rocket Returns
ex Deoxys
ex Delta Species
ex Holon Phantoms
ex Crystal Guardians
ex Dragon Frontiers

Also looking for sealed 3 Pack Blisters from the ex Series and Gift Boxes (Thunderstorm, Tempest, etc.) and Value Pack type items from the ex Series as well.

Here is a sample of what I have for trade currently:
PSA 10 Rayquaza Gold Star 1st Ed JPN Clash of the Blue Sky
PSA 10 Espeon Gold Star
PSA 10 Mewtwo Gold Star
PSA 10 Pikachu Gold Star
PSA 10 Regirock Gold Star
PSA 10 Crystal Charizard x2
PSA 10 Crystal Celebi
PSA 10 Crystal Golem
PSA 10 Crystal Kabutops
PSA 10 Hoppip E3 Japanese Back Promo
PSA 10 Mew ex PLAY Promo 007
PSA 9 Latios Gold Star 1st Ed JPN
PSA 9 Latias Gold Star 1st Ed JPN

Also, almost anything in my eBay store is also for trade.

Thanks! :blush:

Got any psa 10 exs or ex holos :blush:

None that you don’t already have :stuck_out_tongue:

I have 2x Neo Destiny Blister Packs (Tyranitar/Noctowl Artwork) if you’re interested :blush: They’re hard to come by!

I’m interested in one of your Crystal Charizard (PSA 10) and very willing to work out a deal (I can pay fo the leftover cost of the item after blister packs are taken into consideration) if possible!

I have an italian booster box of base set in 1st edition, a korean display box of base set with 8 decks inside… but no willing to trade :confused: