Assortment of PSA Cards I'm looking to trade for other cards

Even though I’ve been interested in cards since I was young and got back into Pokemon a couple of years ago, I’ve yet to actually trade with anyone.

Looking through my registry, I see a few duplicates or cards I wouldn’t mind exchanging for something else. Trades only - no cash exchanges. Either 1 to 1 trades or any combination as long as we are making a fair trade in accordance to current market value.

My Cards:
Mr Mime non-holo Jungle - PSA 10
Venusaur Base Unlimited - PSA 9
Blastoise Base Unlimited - PSA 8
2013 Legendary Treasures MewTwo Holo #53 - PSA 10 (pop 15)
2017 Sun and Moon Espeon #140 GX - PSA 10
2016 Steam Siege - Volcanion EX #115 Secret Rare - PSA 10
Generations - Radiant Collection - RC 6 Flareon - PSA 9
Generations - Radiant Collection - RC21 Sylveon - PSA 9

More reluctant on this one but will throw out there. It’s a low grade, but it has a population of 1 which is pretty unheard of for 1st edition:
1999 Pokemon Dragonair Base 1st Edition - PSA 7.5

Possible trade options:
Looking for graded WOTC era cards of any set, Gyarados cards, Raw shadowless or 1st edition, vintage boosters/blisters, graded rainbow rares, still need chansey, raichu and alakazam unlimited PSA 9 cards to complete that set, I’m flexible and have a wide variety of cards I would be interested in trading as long as I don’t have it and the value is about equal.