WTB PSA 10 Base Charizard

Hi all,

Looking for buy a PSA 10 Base Charizard. New cert preferred. Offering $3500, shipped to Australia, happy to negotiate though.

Just to help you gauge what the current market might be… the last two sold for significantly higher.

One was BIN’ed on eBay last week for $4,275, and the other sold for $4,200 privately (I bought it and it was then taken down from eBay).

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Thanks, upped the asking a bit.

The card has been undervalued for a long time.

After RonaBoom the 9 jumped 3 times in value, throwing off the historical psa10:9 price ratio. Im thinking 4.5k usd is still a nice price. Definitely a sleeper for sure… as the 1st ed becomes ever so unaffordable and base boxes keep skyocketing, i predict this card to see a nice up tick for 7k within 18 months.

I think the cheapest listing I could find a few days ago was 7.5k on ebay. I like some others think this card will hit that price eventually unless the seller ends up wanting to sell it for less later on.

This is getting redundant. If someone has one to actually sell, they can tell him what they want for it.


Same thing every time, people have nothing better to do than sh*t on buy threads, it’s sad. I’m sure none of the above buy everything they have at current turbulent or above market price. I only raised the lower end of my asking by $500 as I know Minh to be a trustworthy person.

I have cash and if someone wants to sell, lets talk money. Same thing happened on my last thread.

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