WTB jungle PSA 10 set buy thread.

Looking for the whole complete set First edition in psa 10.

Willing to offer 14.5k. Price negotiable. Depending on the condition.

thanks. Updated the price! Thanks everyone for the valuable info.

If there’s any updates on the prices. Plz let me know as I will adjust it to the market price. Thanks.

A complete PSA 10 1st edition Jungle set sold in April for $14,250.

However, in my opinion, the seller was giving the buyer quite a discount considering the surge in prices for Jungle singles over the last year - the seller likely was not adequately tracking how prices for singles have changed in recent months.

Here are some notable recent sales:

* Vaporeon sold for $3k
* Snorlax sold for $2.4k
* Clefable sold for $1.9k
* Kangaskhan sold for $1.4k
* Wigglytuff sold for $1.2k
* Jolteon sold for $1k
* Pidgeot sold for $1k
* Mr. Mime sold for $850

So the recent sales data suggests that as a buyer it’s much better to try to find someone to sell you the entire set all at once, like you’re trying to do now.

Good luck.


Thanks for the information. Very valuable, it seems that Pokemonprice is only an estimate. Is that a private sell? Didn’t find it on eBay. Thanks.

Pokemon Price is a guide, the prices and totals comes from completed eBay listings, some listings get missed, some cards don’t sell on eBay for months etc. It’s important to delve into the data it provides and not take the numbers at face value.

That said, currently the jungle estimate on the site is $14,800 www.pokemonprice.com/TotalSetPrices … however you can see here www.pokemonprice.com/CardsForSet/b7340f91-0a99-4d03-8440-1adf7173b92f/1999-pokemon-jungle that some cards either haven’t had a sale on eBay or had a sale that wasn’t successfully scraped for a year (eg. vaporeon) which affects that total and should be taken into account when looking at the total set price.

Hope that helps :blush:

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I remember when I first started back in 16’ I recall Kangaskhan costing the most in the set or maybe second. I just remember getting out bid on a raw verison I thought could of scored at least a 9.