WTB Unlimited WOTC boxes and Jungle PSA 10’s

Jungle, fossil, gym series, and rocket unlimited boxes: $1800-$2200
Neo unlimited neo rev around $4000

Jungle PSA 10 first edition Holos:
Clefable $1500
Kang $1300
Vaporeon $1500
Wiggly $800

All other jungle Holos:

Up to $500

Thank you!!


PM sent

1st edition Jungle Vaporeon Holos are going for $2,700+ I just wanted to let you know

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anyone who pays that prices has got rocks in their head.

Just gotta put that out there.


Yeah 2.7 seems a bit high. I want to say the guy I talked to who had one had offers on eBay a few months ago for 1.8k and 2.15k but took the card down to sell it privately. He may still have it but looks like it’d take at least $2k to get it from him. I talked to him about a month ago, I think I was offering $1.4k at the time but moved on as I wasn’t trying to go up to $2k yet. Maybe I’ll regret it, who knows.

I got an offer for mine at 2,250 6 months ago and I took it down. I still have pictures of all my offers of $1,900, 2k, and 2.2k on file from 6 months ago. 6 months is a long time. And have gotten higher private offers. Other people I know who have this card on instagram wont let it go for lower than $2,300 (you can easily message them right now and show their responses on this thread as proof is anyone disagrees with this, enlighten me). I have been hunting 1st ed vaporeons and do my research on them everyday for the past 4 years. So yes, it is in fact going for more than 2.4k atm and yes you can MAYBE find one for less if someone is willing to lose out on a big profit sure. It wouldnt be smart but its possible. No symbols sold for 2,700 and 2,500 respectively so. I would say no symbols go for more now and 1st eds are also low pop on par.

I think the no symbol is like pop 10 ish and the 1st ed is around 60. The guy I talked to just bought a no symbol recently for $2.7k it’s crazy how high those are but it makes sense. Seems like buyer and sellers are at a stalemate here as the buyers are being turned down and the sellers aren’t actually making any sales on the card. Curious to see what it goes for when an agreement is made. Judging by that info I’d guess low $2k area for a private sale. I’d like to see what one goes for on eBay as well since there hasn’t been a public sale on there in ages lol

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Youre right. They barely show up at all. I look for them everyday. For low pop 1st ed jungle cards that never show up on the market, maybe once a year, I know many many big collectors that are willing to buy these cards at that price. I speak with them everyday and still dont let up on their offers. A lot of collectors have brick in their heads paying more for other cards imo. The market has changed and its obvious. If vaporeons were going for 1,400 each I have all of them for that price rn seeing as though every single one of my offers are no where near there and Id just easily flip them all easily. Its the jungle set and the most popular pokemon in that set and its 1st edition with some of the lowest pop, yes the cards in one of the most iconic sets that are really low pop are going for above 2k now believe it or not.

Jungle vaporeon is such a weird card. I don’t even think the art is close to the Flareon or the Jolteon but it’s so hard to get in a 10. I mean the unlimited hasn’t even sold on ebay in over 2 years lol


Yes thats right, its because of its white large holo (compared to jolteon which takes up more of its holo and flareon) its extremely difficult to get it in the Gem Mint for Vaporeon. If you put two jungle cards together, one vaporeon and one jolteon, youll see the size difference of the vaporeon and jolteon is significant in its frame. The whiter backrounds on all WOTC cards are very difficult to grade such as a sabrinas gengar for example or a jungle kangaskhan to name a few because any little scratch or print line will show easier on the white backround. Vaporeon unlimiteds gem mints are even more difficult to get ironically and stand at a lower pop.

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Yup I agree. That’s also why cards like base set Venusaur are easier to grade imo since the fat boi almost takes up the whole card frame

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