WTB: Gold Berry (2000 Champion Road Tournament)

I no longer require this item!

~ UU

~~WANTED - Gold Berry (2000 Champion Road Tournament). It is imperative that it is near-mint and/or mint.

If anyone has any information on its whereabouts, please send a PM here on UPCCC. Any information is greatly appreciated!


  • UU~~

Hi UU,

I’ve got both the Gold Berry and Berry 2000 Champion Road cards. I know your post said you were only looking for the Gold Berry. Would you be interested in the set? I hate to break them up.

Also as an fyi, all the Gold Berry’s and Berry’s I’ve ever seen have a printing flaw. The gold wording at the bottom right of the cards looks like a scratch at first glance. However it’s not a scratch, it just in the printing process the gold foil wrinkled a bit. It’s the same wrinkle on every card. I have 2 ungraded sets and a PSA 10 set…All the same. If you look closely at the picture in your link you’ll see it too…It just goes through the japanese word not the year 2000…anyway, let me know your thoughts

@avalanche1313 – I understand. I wouldn’t mind buying the set if the price is right.

Hmm…! That is a very intriguing fact. It is a rather tiny flaw; barely noticeable. No worries!

Is there a price you had in mind for the set? You can PM me, if you like :blush:

PM’d you…

Just out of curiosity, how much did it go for? I’m not trying to be nosey, nor will I be buying it off of UU, I’m just wondering.

@tolan – I purchased my Gold Berry (2000 Champion Road Tournament) for $15 on eBay. If you are interested in a Berry (2000 Champion Road Tournament) & Gold Berry (2000 Champion Road Tournament), avalanche1313 still has the pair available for sale :blush: