Champion Road 2000 Gold Star Set

Hey guys can anyone tell me the approximate print run on these cards (Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile from Champion Road 2000)

smason has them listed on eBay:

They’re kind of a neat card set that I didn’t previously know existed.

Also a value would be helpful too!

Edit: I also see that CardCollector-UK has them listed at 50 GBP for the set (NM) on his site.

I don’t know about print runs.

Don’t buy Smasons one!
Jimmy has them listed HERE for half price.

“These 3 cards were only available at the 2000 Champion Road event in Japan. They have shiny Gold Stars and Champions Road 2000 printed at the bottom of the card in Japanese.”

*Sorry I didn’t see you had edited your post :wink:

For my personal notes I recorded the following:

This promo set was awarded to trainers for achieving 10 winning battles on day one of a 3 day long weekend, Only 150 complete sets were produced

But dont nail me down to this :blush:

There was a WHF set with the same art work released about the same time. It was given out for attendance and had many more sets printed…As FrostyFluxy said the Champion Road set had the Double Gold stars with “Champion Road 2000” at the bottom of the cards. The WHF set had an 11 for the 11th WHF at the bottom and the Neo Double White stars…

I think because of all the 11th WHF sets given out, it limited the demand for the Champion Road 2000 set.

Ahhh! I was considering getting these a couple weeks ago but passed as other endeavors came up :wink:

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! If 150 sets is true then that really isn’t much! They’re definitely on my radar now. The gold stars are a nice touch too, they look like the fan club magikarp from what I see.

My thoughts exactly! Definitely a nice variant card! I wish they would of done the same for that illusive Bi-lingual Exeggutor.

Yeah I have to agree! Then again the elusive exeggutor was done before the reprint, maybe they didn’t plan on a reprint of it.

Is 150 sets legit? If so that makes those 3 one of the rarest sets out there…not trophy rare but certainly high on the list.

On a side note I have only seen 3 sets.

I was always under the impression the Champion Road 2000 set was for attendance and 1000 sets were distributed. Still a lot less than the WHF attendace set but more than the 150 sets mentioned here…Is it possible the Champion Road 2000 Berry & Gold Berry were the ones given for winning battles and had a more limited distribution.

I’m not really sure if 150 sets is legit, I copied this from an auction of a well-known seller, but I dont remember which it was.

Does anyone have more information about the berry&gold berry cards? I only know they came sealed with a coin

I highly doubt there were only 150 sets given out. The price would be much higher if there were only 150 in existence… Bulbapedia says the cards were given out to the participants of the tournament… so not only to people who won a number of matches…

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Number does not always dictate price. Remember the kamex? Very few of those made and a year ago I could scoop one up for $300 (and I did). But the demand exploded and you can’t touch one for under $800 now. No matter how few of something there is, its not worth a lot unless there is a demand for it. Case and point…one off error cards. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that although unlikely that only 150 sets were printed, it is entirely possible. After all no one here really knows anything about them other than what bulbapedia says…the only other word we have is from a good member of this community.

On a side note I would like to add them at some point. Debatable rarity aside, they are cool variants…not to mention they are golden era (96-01) tournament promos.

yeah you’re right about the price… But I really doubt that sellers like smason or Jimmy would list them for such a low price… they would try to sell the set for a lot more.
I’ve seen quite a lot of these over the years… so I am very certain there were more than 150 given out…
But of course, we don’t know exactly… everyone can believe what they want… the cards are cool anyway

Exactly. I would be certain that Jimmy and Steve would know what they have and I’m sure there are more than 150. However, I have only seen four sets and never have seen them on eBay or yahoo japan until now. Then again I never specifically searched for them either :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah… they always try to know the things about the cards they’re selling… and they are always trying to get to most for a card…

According to bulbapedia there is also another version but the same cards…

Yes there are… they are the world hobby fair versions…I believe those are much more common though.

yeah exactly…

@upccc – I have an update for members who may be interested in the [2000 Champion Road Set]:

Steve is willing to accept £60 for his set (which is quite the improvement from £100!)