Battle road female + tournament pics & info

just wanted to repost this to the community :blush:


highly recomend browsing this site if your interested in early tournament stuff :blush: :blush: :blush:

i want that card :[

What I would do for that card I want one soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd.

Yea thatโ€™s why I appreciated this article because it was good to see tangible copies pictured. Not to mention the vs wind up in there !

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Does anybody here own this card or has one ever sold at auction publicly?

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Yes Iโ€™m curious too as to what the price tag would be on such an elusive card!

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Me too as I would love to have this piece of pokemon history one day.

Mid-high thousands.

In regards to the card appearing for sale, it most likely will stay with the winner. Most japanese competitors do not sell their cards. This is why it is impossible to find one of the 2001 Tropical Wind cards pictured above, let alone a card with only 1 copy.

If a copy appears one day, it will be mine :blush:

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if one ever does come up for sale it will be the biggest bidding war ever i would probley take a loan out if I had to.