Value of T promos and Champions Road 2000

Ok so I’m working with a seller to acquire the trainers vol 17 and 19 sets. He has both available for $50 a piece in super mint condition. Is this a good price? Also he would sell me the two champion road 2000 cards in mint condition for $50? How rare are these and is that a good price? How rare are they compared to the grand party promo? Also would these champion roads be good to get Psa graded? Thanks!

I don’t know why people ask all the time whether a card is good to get graded or not.
It should be up to you to determine whether or not you want a card graded, not us :blush:
I don’t know if you are going to sell it, what the ACTUAL conditions are, if you love the cards enough to keep them etc.

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Ya I guess my intention with the question is more along the lines of: “if te card gets a Psa 9-10 grade will the price increase enough to be worth my while if I were to sell it in the future assuming the market in the future is the same as today or maybe according to a prediction of the future you have and want to share.”
I’m curious of the rarity of these cards and if they’re something that is typically going to increase much with a mint or gem mint Psa grade.


Also does anyone have some history on them. Bulbapedia just mentions they were available at the champions road tournament in 2000.

I’m not sure about the T promos but the Champion Road cards are not worth grading if your only intent is to resell it for a profit. The pair can be easily obtained in mint condition for less than $50 and grading it would not cause its value to rise three or four times to at least give you a decent profit. But if you really want to protect the cards, grading would be an excellent way to do it. I have these cards and they are PSA graded because I intend to keep them. Hope this helps. :blush:

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Thanks so much for the help! That totally answers my question. At this point I don’t really have any strong ties to the two cards, but I also don’t know their history. I’d love to know more if someone wants to enlighten. I definitely have some cards I’m getting graded because I like them rather than the value increasing a lot. Thanks

That is not necessarily true. I had 2 sets of these cards and both looked “mint” but only one card graded mint, the other 8.5. I sold the other set ungraded ex-nm and they ended at $62. However I listed them at $40 and the buyer did not pay then the second listing they ended at $62.

With patience you can find them in a range you want. Keep in mind that sometimes centering knocks a card down from a 10. That is what happened with a few of my trainers mag promos.

I love my champion road set (the 2 berries and the 3 starters). The gold stamps add a really nice finesse to these cards :blush:

My set cost me $30. One graded PSA10 while the other one graded PSA9. :blush:

Are you asking about the two champion road berries? There is also a set of 3 champion road neo starters with a gold embossed star. They’re lesser known but a really neat collectible.

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Ya the two Champion Road berries. Does anyone know much about them and their rarity? I haven’t heard of the other 3 champion road.

Also does $50 seem good for the Trainers vol 17 and 19 in mint condition (basically the seller took them from the original packing to take scans). I bought the vol 18 from him from $50 and was willing to pay $50 whether it was worth it or not because I like the cards so much. They look fantastic but who knows if they’ll get 10’s or 9’s. Hoping for 10’s

Personally I wouldn’t pay over 50 for any of the T promos except the for the dragonite and imakuni sets. Thats just my opinion though.

The champion road starters are identical to the WHF set but the neo star stamp has a sweet gold outline. I’ll add some pics to my collection thread so you can see what i mean :wink:

Oh nice those are cool! Maybe one day I’ll collect those. Were they just given to anyone that competed in the Champions Road 2000 tournaments? Were all 5 given together?

As far as the trainers I went ahead and bought vol 17 & 19 for $50 each. I think that’s a fair price for 19 and probably about $10 high for vol 17. But the seller is including the original magazines which is awesome, and the vol 18 set I got was in immaculate condition and I’d like to get all three of these sets graded so its kind of worth the extra premium I hope to get super mint cards.

It was these:

@timewaster1700 – In addition to the embossed gold star, the Champion Road 2000 cards also possess unique text across the bottom right of the card.

The text in brackets reads チャンピオン ロード 2000 or “Champion Road 2000”. The end text reads 出席記念 カード or “Attendance Commemoration Card”

In comparison, the World Hobby Fair cards have different text. It reads [第11回 次世代 ワールド ホビー フェア] 出席記念 カード or “11th Annual World Hobby Fair Attendance Commemoration Card”.

The Champion Road 2000 cards are definitely more valueable, so if you decide to collect the set ensure that it has an embossed gold star and the number ‘2000’ in the text.

In regards to the history of the five Champion Road 2000 cards, I am uncertain of specific details. @sandman had previously retrieved information from a reputable seller and wrote a very brief history on Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile:

Nothwithstanding, Sandman was unable to confirm the details.

Meanwhile, @avalanche1313 had offered his input:

I could not retrieve specific information regarding the Champion Road 2000 Berry and Gold Berry. If attendance is presumed for Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, perhaps the Berry and Gold Berry cards were awarded as high-ranking prize cards. Lastly, I cannot confidently reveal the current market value for the Champion Road 2000 Berry and Gold Berry. I purchased my pair years ago; ergo, the price has likely increased since then.

Wow awesome info thanks so much Tara for warning me of the differences in those cards and giving me what history you’ve heard about it. Really interesting. Sounds like they’re pretty rare. Overall the card a pretty sweet twist on the standard cyndaquil, etc.

I’ve been researching these cards quite a bit trying to find out about their rarity.

Through Japanese Trainer Magazines, there were 1600 of each of the Berries printed. The Berries were given as a pair to the top 100 competitors at the regional 2000 Champion Road events running from January 9 2000 - February 20 2000. There were 8 separate events (technically 7 events, but one was split up into two events for a 2-day tournament with two sets of competitors/winners). At the 8 regional events, there were two age categories thus making for 16 sets of competitors. Top 100 of each set got these two cards which is how I concluded the number to be 1600.

1600 is a small print run for a Pokemon card, the Masaki cards ranged from 21000 (Omastar) - 39000 (Alakazam) for each individual card for reference purposes. That is significantly more copies BUT the demand is way way larger for Masaki cards.

I’ve yet to conclusively determine anything about the 3 starter cards but my research has led me to believe that they may have been a participation card for the finals which was held Feb 26 2000 for finalists of the regional events. There was also a second set of Champion Road events held in March 2000 that may have yielded either these cards, or more of the Berries.


Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. Seems there’s a lot of speculation but nonetheless some good supporting info for the amount of these cards out there. I really appreciate you taking the time to fill me in on the history you’ve discovered! You rock Jason!

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