WTB Gem Mint Raw FA Trainers + Others

Hello! I’m currently looking for **raw english cards,**unless it’s a specific Japanese Promo, to include in a PSA submission. I’m looking for strong PSA 10 contenders (good centering, no scratches on the front, no whitening on the back edges/corners.)

Prices below are based mainly on ebay sold listings and TCG with a premium - still open to negotiating

Current Want List:

FA Trainers:* Bianca ($30)

  • Colress ($25)
  • Ghetsis ($15)
  • Lysandre ($10)
  • Pokemon Center Lady ($10)
  • Lysandre’s Our honorable president Card ($10)
  • Archie ($10)
  • Maxie ($10)
  • Winona ($10)
  • Lillie - Ultra Prism ($45)
  • Hex Maniac ($8)
  • Shauna ($8)
  • Karen ($8)
  • Acerola ($20)
  • Kiawe ($15)
  • Wicke ($10)
  • Olivia ($12)
  • Gardenia ($14)
  • Zinnia ($12)
  • Mina ($14)
  • Whitney ($8)
  • Erika ($25)
  • Sabrina ($12)


  • Team Aqua’s Kyogre - Double Crisis #6 ($15)
  • Team Magma’s Groudon - Double Crisis #15 ($15)
  • Shining Celebi - SM79 ($10)
  • Shining Lugia - SM82 ($10)
  • Charizard - Legendary Treasures (Regular Holo and Cosmos Holo) ($10)
  • 1st Edition Neo Steelix ($25)
  • Japanese Poncho Pikachu Gyarados - 151/xy-p (Willing to buy this as a PSA 10 slab for around $80ish or $45 raw)
  • Magikarp Promo XY146 ($8)
  • Charizard, Blastoise, Venusaur EX promos (XY121, XY122, XY123) ($8, $6, $6)
  • Base Set Gyarados ($7)
  • Base Set Alakazam ($15)
  • Base Set Blastoise ($35)
  • Jungle Khangaskan ($10)

This is my first post on efour - but I am active with references on the pkmntcgtrades subreddit and the Virbank Facebook group.



Hi, welcome to Efour! :blush: Great to see another FA Supporter collection like myself, although I collect ungraded for English ones and only the Japanese exclusives in PSA-10. Good luck with your collection goals!

Anyway, what I mainly wanted to say: one of the rules here on the forum is that all WTB lists should have prices of what you’re willing to spend on the cards.


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Thanks for the welcome! I have an umbrella statement that i’m willing to pay TCG/ebay prices. Do I need a price for each individual card?

I think so, but not entirely sure. Let me tag a few of our moderators/admins who can answer that question for you: @funmonkey54 @smpratte @fourthstartcg @reinasierpe


Go ahead and list what you’re willing to pay for each card. Umbrella statements are open to interpretation. And it’s just going to be frustrating if someone goes to the effort of filling your list, only to find out what you meant is 20% lower than what they thought you meant.

A hard figure leaves no room for that to occur.


Lysandre’s Our honorable president Card



Just based off the first two cards on the list, your offers seem way too low. I think that at these prices, you might even struggle to get people on here to sell you those cards raw at Nm/M (7-9) quality. Maybe with the most recent sets it is possible to get these cards at market value, but it just isn’t reasonable to ask for PSA 10 quality cards here at the low end of ebay Nm raw prices, especially for BW full arts.

I think that’s fair - i’ll up them all

Isn’t a PSA 10 Bianca $500? And you want an ungraded, PSA 10 quality copy for $30?

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Where did you get $500 from? One sold last year for $154: www.pokemonprice.com/CardDetails/037688f2-b1da-463b-808d-4a8ce887a25a/bianca-holo

PSA 9’s go for $30-$50 so there’s definitely a risk paying much more for a raw card and for the cost of grading. Do you have a suggestion on Mint/Gem Mint condition raw cards premium compared to sold prices for them or did you just want to be passive agressive?

Can you buy one today for $154? Today is not last year, my pricing is going by what cards are available to buy today.

Yes there are 4 on ebay right now listed for $500 (all by the same seller). It’s a pop 6 card so that’s the majority supply. If one sells at that price i’ll concede the market value for a PSA 10 Bianca is $500. Until then the value is what someone is/was willing to pay. As for raw cards they go anywhere from $25-$38, which is what I’m looking to purchase.

If this was a card with decent demand, I’d agree, but rn not many people are after this card in PSA 10. So I doubt anyone is paying $500 or even close to that anytime soon.

Also the seller is “cardrushinc” these guys are well known for listing cards at insane prices then putting them up for auction and not even selling for half their BIN. Anyone looking for this card in PSA 10 is better off waiting.

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If I can be totally honest here
Most members here grade themselves, if they think their card can grade a 10, they won’t be selling at prices at or below prices of PSA 9’s.


Hey, absolutely! And I appreciate the insight. I didn’t know if the newer FA trainers had as much of an appeal for folks to get graded or not. I feel like I’ve come off as a complete lowballer so I apologize, I promise I’m just ignorant haha.