[WTB] ex Delta Species Eeveelutions PSA

Would love to buy these as a set from the same seller.

Preferably all the same grade, minimum PSA 8, English.

ex Delta Species Holo Espeon 4/113
ex Delta Species Holo Flareon 5/113
ex Delta Species Holo Jolteon 7/113
ex Delta Species Holo Umbreon 17/113
ex Delta Species Holo Vaporeon 18/113

I’ve seen them marked as both Holo and Rev Holo by PSA, I believe they are the same thing? Someone fill me in if they’re not lol

Would buy all PSA 9’s immediately at $150AUD incl. shipping. Willing to negotiate if you want more / have different grades.

… if someone has a full set of the Japanese ones, we need to talk. PM me :blush:

Rev/Holo are not the same thing obviously, but PSA have this peculiar relationship with the ex era reverse holos where they can’t decide to label them consistently at all. Rule of thumb is if the set name is on the artwork it’s a reverse holo.

Thanks for the info :grin: It did my head in for ages until I realised there was a labelling issue

I have shared this photo before, but here is an example.

Clearly not the same card.

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Goodness, yeah, I see what you mean.

To clarify my OP: As long as the set matches I don’t mind which it is. I don’t know how this affects price though >_> (there are still many areas I am a total noob in)

You might get people asking more for the Reverse Holo’s if they have them. They tend to be harder to grade at 10 than Holos.

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I’m getting some mint ex series sets over the next few weeks. Delta species will be my next purchase. I’ll keep you in mind when or if I grade them. Have yet to see this seller’s condition.

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