WTB Base Set Charizard Unlimited PSA 10 (not 4th Print)

Looking for a base set Charizard PSA 10 for around $1800

These are going for $2000 plus now but good luck!

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Thanks! Can go to $2000 if that’s the going rate now!

There 2 on ebay at 2.2k, one with a best offer.

@buckna take the 2.3k offer, the market is stupid at the moment.


considering fees,especially 2 on ebay. your offer seems quite fair imo


My 2 cents. I have observed almost every wotc set card experience 50-100% returns in last 6 months. The weird shit about it all, base unlim 10 zard has had only 20%, it’s still too underrated :grin:

yeah nah, don’t take the offer @buckna

These were up to 2000.00 two years ago. A year ago they dropped to 900-1200. Now they’re over 2000.00. This is both bad in two ways for me. Since I have 52 of them, but will never sell, I can’t take advantage of the increase. The second problem is I won’t buy more till they go under 1500.00 so I’ll be stuck on 52 for a while.

Yes my friend, hence they will be $3,000 within 12 months, my crystal ball ells me ( it’s been right 80% of the time :open_mouth: )

Gotta pump those numbers up to 100 so you have a 25% population hold :wink:


I’ve never seen you wrong though;)

Thanks guys. I’m based in the UK and have been watching UK based sales over the last 6 months and prices have definitely crept up in the last few months. Is this the highest they have ever been? Or is it just another spike? I don’t mind buying at this price even if this is the peak as it’s always been my grail for nostalgic reasons.