Worlds largest plush collection?

Aaaah, the Metro. For those who don’t know it, it’s a daily rag you’ll see people on the London Underground read as they avoid each other on their daily commute.

Last year it featured this story about what looks to be the world’s largest Pokémon plush collection.

Anyone care to disagree with something more impressive?

Really awesome, i was kind of hoping for a life-size snorlax plush in there though. The bullying bit was really depressing…:slightly_frowning_face:

Because of her arm than Pokémon as far as I can tell (my experience in school is that sadly disabled kids have a hard time in the UK and there have been some high profile cases of hate :slightly_frowning_face: )

Yeah I was wondering what is up with that. I remember recently reading about bullying in the UK, but I think everyone has been bullied at some point.

But that collection is just everything cool. I wish I could devote that time to plushes, but being a 23 year old male might invite some bullying :wink:

LOL, I’m making it sound terrible! (It can be :slightly_frowning_face: but I loved school and uni. Fun times…)

I for one hated school, got kicked out of a couple and had so many suspension-days that if I added them all together it would equate to probably half a year.

Moving on, regarding the article it just says that the person collected Pokemon-plushies 'cause kids made fun of her disabled arm, what was disabled about it? Also could it have been surgically corrected and if so for how much? do you think her Pokemon-plush collection could have covered the surgical-procedure if there was one available?

Seriously? :open_mouth: It’s free!? There’s got be some catch like they implant you with some sort of tracking device :stuck_out_tongue:

In the good old US nothing but our freedom is free, for a fee :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone else collect plushies? before I had collected pokemon cards I had collected beanie babies, yes that’s right beanie babies :stuck_out_tongue:

Define free - NHS is paid via taxes. Seriously, don’t get the arguments against universal healthcare in the US but that’s another story

LOL, sorry DJ - that came out blunt. I agree with what you’re saying. Besides, who would spend money on Pokémon if they can get their arm sorted? :thinking:

I would, I have two arms, one can be spared. Though I’d prefer my right to be lopped/lost/rendered-useless since I’m left-handed.

Speaking of which does anyone know how much organs go for on the black-market? I think my own liver could fetch a good price, I think I could be able to buy all my cards back and then some.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but…

Having now pretty much gone through everything in my warehouse, I’m fairly certain that I have more that 13,000 Pokemon toys.

The thing is, I don’t have 13,000 unique toys. (For instance, I have about 150 talking Togepi figurines — each and every one the same — alone.)

Now, it’s unclear from the stories I’ve read about this young woman’s collection as to whether each piece in her collection is unique. But looking at the pictures, I somehow doubt it.

It’s also unclear to me whether her collection consists entirely of plush toys. If that’s the case, then she’s got me beat.

Maybe I should contact the Guinness folks ;D

You should open up a spreadsheet and get an official inventory going. Get that final count together and if you think you’ve got it, make the call.

The toys all belong to you now, correct? Not your company/store/otherwise?

That’s right — everything belongs to me as an individual; none of it is company inventory.

Though, if anyone is looking for a talking Togepi figurine, I wouldn’t mind selling one. ;D

Just making sure I’ve understood correctly as you have posted. Not implying anything by asking. :blush:

I personally would love to hear of your final counts should you decide to go through with the grand inventory of your re-discovered collection.

No worries — I didn’t infer anything negative from your question. In fact, it’s a reasonable question to ask. Because, if a company was allowed to claim the record, then the Pokemon company would probably come out on top :blush:

Anyway, yeah, I actually started a spreadsheet a couple of months ago, but it’s far from complete. My collection of handbills and posters alone is in the hundreds — and those are “unique” numbers.

How fitting! Unique numbers for a unique collection. You certainly have the largest collection of handbills in the world. At least, in the known collecting world. It is something you can truly be proud of. I think that such items really capture the essence of Pokemon culture, which is fitting for you geographically speaking.

Any chance you have any of these posters in multiples? :grin:

Looks like we have both been doing some similar reading. :wink:

Well, if we’re talking about handbills in general, my collection is small potatoes compared to many others. But, yeah, I’m sure I could stake a claim to largest collection of Pokemon handbills, anyway. (I also have a significant collection of Japanese-language baseball handbills, for both NPB and MLB.)

It’s hard to say if I have multiples of those original-era posters, as everything is sealed away in cardboard tubes. (Eventually I’ll get around to going through those as well.)

I do know for a fact that I have multiples of Neo-era TCG posters, if those interest you at all. :blush:

Not hand-bills in general. Rather, Pokemon pamphlets, posters, memorabilia, and other advertising/event pieces.