Largest Pokemon Plush?

Hi all, this is my first post on here. Like most of you, I started collecting Pokemon as a kid when it was introduced to the United States in the 90s. I took a hiatus on collecting for a while, but now I’m getting back into it with full steam. Anyways, I found that the cards didn’t bring me nearly as much enjoyment as the plushes, so I’m mostly focusing on those. I was wondering if anyone knew what the largest official Pokemon plush is? I think it might be this 5 foot tall Pikachu, Pikachu Plush , but was wondering if anyone knew of anything else bigger?


I can’t answer your question but I can at least welcome you to the forums.

Welcome! Glad to see new members around. :blush:

I still have a bunch of 1990s-era Japanese Pokemon plushes in my warehouse, but I don’t think any of them are more than a couple of feet tall. I’ll take a look and if I find any that are particular impressive, I’ll take some pics :blush:

Most carnival plushies take the cake as being the largest plush around. :blush:
They are those big prizes that EVERYONE wants :blush:

Unfortunately, most carnival plushes are not officially licensed products.

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There are also giant plushies of…
Golden Magikarp

1:1 plush are also quite big

I’m not into plushes or anything but yeah the Pokemon Center Magikarp is quite nice. Reading through this thread also brought this picture to my mind…
Not exactly a plush but quite original :blush:

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