Is there more than just a Giant Sneasel?

So I was perusing the internet and stumbled upon an archived post on the Gym by DJGigabyte. It said:

So I read this and was like “WHAAAA??!!?!?!”

Can anyone give me more information about this overly oversized Dark Raichu and Meowth Cards?

I’ve never head of the Meowth and Raichu. I’d love some more info on them.

yes there are! There is a giant base set Pikachu that you could have had your picture taken in front of at their mall tours back in 1999. There is a photo of one in the unofficial Pokemon player’s Guide. I believe the Riachu was from the original team rocket set…i have never heard of the mewoth though.

Oh wow, that’s cool.

Does anyone know where these other giant cards are or who owns them?

I only know of a couple people who own the Sneasel…and good luck getting one. As for the others, my best guess is that wizards may have kept them…or at least to the best of my knowledge no one owns them??

I know Pop and Crazy each have one. At one point Pop has all 4, but I’m not sure how many he still has.

I believe DJ had said that Pop had all 4, but sold one to crazypokemon, gave another to Gym Leader Blaine, and then at the time of the post, he was unsure if Pop still had two or just one. (This was in February).

I emailed Pop (his Gym inbox is full/blocked >.>) and I am awaiting a reply.

They exist. I have two images of them at home :stuck_out_tongue: …and pokepop on the gym said so as well.

Mind posting these pictures?

I will tmrw I’m not home atm

Don’t worry Mike I know what you are talking about!

Here is an example of the card.

Here is another from a 6th graders web page from 1999 (probably is the same age as me now). If you scroll down to the bottom you can see the picture. The kid had good hobbies!

Wow, I want that Pikachu more than I want the Sneasel!
I just realized that you’d need one of those to have a complete Pikachu card collection!

Thanks Scott! But I am a man of my word so here are the two images of the giant pikachu I promised (neither of these people are me :stuck_out_tongue:):

This book I have has a few pictures from the mall tour as well.

Oh on a side note…japan had giant trophy pikachu cards on display back in 1998/99…so you can add those to the list :blush:

I’m regretting asking this question :laughing:

There are the jumbo trophies. I can’t tell if they are just a poster or a jumbo card the the others. I believe there is another view of them in the Official card book 2000 but I don’t have the time to check.

Thanks mrpokecc.

Are there any more giant cards? I’m going to go add all of these to the Jumbo checklist and then go cry at the amount of money I still have to spend to get all the oversized cards

I doubt the jumbo trophies will be cheap, if you can find them at all. I’m thinking over $10k EACH.

Wow I want one of those! That is too cool Mike! Nice find

Haha thanks! :slight_smile: I found that in my tmb/ssb tournament handbook I bought last year.

I’m sure that either Creatures has them or they were destroyed (who would ever destroy such a beauty!) but even if they were owned by some collector, I think $10k is overpricing it.