Will Worlds 2020 be Cancelled?

Hey y’all.

With the spread of Coronavirus, do you think Pokémon Worlds will be in jeopardy of cancellation?

I think it depends on the situation closer to august. If the coronavirus continues to grow, then it could be canceled. There are still many months till the competition, so its unclear what will happen.


It’s a difficult situation for sure. All of Japan’s events have been canceled right now, so their players will need other opportunities to earn invitations. I’m sure it’s a large topic of discussion and they’ll err on the side of caution. Currently, no one knows.


It’s a serious thing to consider. If you are planning on attending, make sure you get travel insurance. That being said, with all the coronavirus fears, flight prices are quite low right now!


Yeah, it’ll be interesting. I live in Utah and a lot of the big tech company conferences are being cancelled.

I wouldn’t be surprised is they cancel regionals in SLC :slightly_frowning_face:



I’ve had to learn the hard way that travel insurance doesn’t pay out for pandemics unless the government declares a travel ban. I’m supposed to be going to japan next week and I called up my travel insurance company and they said that they dont pay out based on fear.


They cancelled the Arnold here in Ohio. If they’re already cancelling local events in Japan then I wouldn’t expect an event like Worlds to run but then again there is 5 more months until worlds so I’m still hopeful for you all :blush:

Think if World’s was to cancel, it’ll be The Pokémon Company’s decision rather than the UK. Pretty much the UK has been running Business as Usual despite a death now and various cases. It is estimated over the next free weeks over 50% of the UK population will be infected so I guess the benefit of that is it should be all over by the time world’s comes along in Summer.

So you’re saying, if they cancel worlds travel insurance will not be honored?

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If there is a ban on travel between the two countries travel insurance is honored or if your airline suspends flights. If you catch the coronavirus or another sickness that prevents you from traveling they will honor the insurance though. Also sadly no insurance company (at least that I’ve found) will insure against corona because there are too many unknowns.

Some of the Six nations rugby games have been postponed though :slightly_frowning_face:

The guy i spoke to said their also not paying out for corona if the policy was purchased past jan 31st this year but that might just be the specific company

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Most standard Travel Insurance policies do NOT cover pandemic events, like the cornavirus. Some companies and policies won’t even offer refunds if the government decides to ban travel to a particular country for that pandemic reason. They offer all inclusive coverage options that will cover everything but they are crazy expensive and sometimes cost as must as the trip itself. Fear of traveling because of the virus certainly is not covered.

Quite a sad reality. I travel a lot with work and give tours around the world for clients so this is quite an unfortunate situation. Too many unknowns at the present time and lots and lots of fear spreading around. Can’t expect insurance companies to actually pay for stuff, like come on. That would mean they are decent and actually care about their customers rather than their own pockets…


In all honesty, all this fear is overrated imo… nothing worse then a flu.
Here in Belgium outbreak is starting because some idiots went to northern Italy during the weakly holiday and returned without being tested.

That said, no one knows what august will bring. i only hope they communicate on time.

COVID19 is 350 times more deadly than the flu lmao


Not to mention we have tonnes of research on the flu, and we know little to nothing about COVID19…

For instance, just consider the possibility of re-infection, are you more or less susceptible if you’ve already had the virus? Do you odds of survival plummet if you get re-infected?

It’s too early to tell, my advice is just keep up to date with the news, but understand that at this point there are numerous possibilities with regards to how this could improve/ or worsen

We know flu season tends to drop off with the spring/summer, we have no idea how this new virus will behave during those seasons

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*Buys Magic 8 Ball*
*Opens 8 Ball and asks “Will Worlds be Canceled?”*
*8 Ball says “No”*
*Shakes 8 ball again, “Should I open a return?”*
*8 ball says “Say that your child accidentally bought me”*


Airlines are CTA right now. I wouldn’t count on getting any refunds unless you’ve purchased fully refundable airfare.

I’m supposed to fly to the States in a couple of months, but I’m guessing that the U.S. government will slap a ban on flights from Japan by then. As a U.S. citizen, the ban wouldn’t apply to me. However, I’d be put into quarantine upon arrival, and I don’t have two weeks to spare. So I’ll just stay put here in my penthouse on the Manga University campus.

It’s really weird here in Tokyo nowadays. Parts of the city seem like a ghost town, particularly during the non-working hours. It reminds me a lot of how things felt following the Tohoku disaster.

For most of us in the birthplace of Pokemon, card tournaments are the last thing on our minds right now.

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