wild blaze gold cards

I finally pulled one :blush: what would the gold charizard y be

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Does 50 seem too high

I’d say $50 is really fair price, though people have paid even $80 for it right after the release. :blush:

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The price is going to be dropping very quickly I think. The ratio was about 1 every 2-3 boxes, which was much higher than people expected. I think they’ll settle in the 35-40 range as there seems to have been a ton printed. Then again, it’s Charizard haha

Is there any info what is the pull ratio for full arts ? I buyed 4 boxes during the launch and didn’t get a single one, kinda disappointment.

That’s an insane pull rate. Wow.

1:10 boxes for ultra rares is really high. I don’t recall pull rates anything like that from older sets.

Thanks for clarification.

@darkrai @funmonkey54 @nauticads

Out of my 12 boxes I’ve opened…

x1 UR
x6 SR
x35 EX cards

Those were my rates :blush: