Why is the Japanese version of Radiant Greninja so expensive?

I decided that I wanted to collect all radiant pokemon and I wanted to do it in Japanese because of the better foil pattern/cooler borders. Most of them are very affordable, under 5 dollars, Gardevoir is a little more expensive, around 10, but Greninja is like 25 bucks.

First I thought it might be because of playability but the english version is dirt cheap in comparison, which to me is very strange. I figure the Japanese player base might be larger/more active, but still. Is Greninja really that much more popular in Japan?

It’s a very powerful card that’s used in many decks, not just Water ones.

S9a Battle Region doesn’t have many other playable or big chase cards so not many people are opening the boxes, and still available close to RRP. Also harder to pull than the English equivalent, where TONS of people are opening Astral Radiance.


Greninja is also one of the most popular Pokemon in Japan, and has consistently been in their top 5 and 10 lists since Generation 6. If the Gold Star Greninja ever comes out in Japanese it will pop off.


Thanks for the clarification! That makes sense, I also didn’t know the pull rates were worse in the Japanese version. Do you think the price will drop or is now the time to buy?

Japanese cards aren’t nearly as volatile as English, so there typically aren’t the kinds of major market swings we see here in America. The only time prices usually dip in Japan is a couple of weeks after the initial release date of a set. After that, things tend to settle and generally steadily increase. Because Battle Region is already over six months old, it’s hard to imagine the price of the Radiant Greninja dropping all that much.

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At $25 you’re best just to buy it. Best case if you wait you can save maybe $10? Is it worth the hassle? Better off buying it when you’re more likely to get a mint copy too


Agree with this. The little bit of money you may or may not save isn’t worth the time it will take you to keep monitoring the card over time. If the price is already acceptable to you, just buy it.

Alright, thanks for the advice everyone! I think I will go ahead and pick up a copy.

But the time it is off target will cost as much as other Radiants, if not less. But it may be that not all of them will be more GEM MINT quality. So if you want just collect it in binder, you can wait until that day, otherwise buy it now!

Yea, i think radiants are 1 per box in Japanese, which is still better than the none ive pulled in english lol. Battle region is ridiculously underrated imo, was scooping up sealed boxes for $48 cad each