Whose Amazing Collection is this?!?!?!


Someone own up to this please. I searched University Magikarp in YouTube to learn a little more about it (I want to buy one soon) and this channel popped up. All I can say is: WOW.

It’s @m786ali 's :stuck_out_tongue:

So this thread is more “WHA? He PokeTubes?!” haha

Haha I guess so. Amazing collection m786ali!

Yep that’s my channel.

I started it this summer as I had time on my hands plus a friend of mine pokepics asked me to make some videos. Il be starting University this week so I doubt il be making regular videos on their. I might just make them when I have PSA cards come in or to show off a purchase.


I used to sub to pokepics, Dan moved to Dubai didn’t he?

I know he was selling some of his collection on ebay, then it all ended early. Im guessing he arranged an off-ebay deal with someone.

I had some bids on some of his gear to!

Will watch your channel this evening when im home from work mate.

Yes he is moving there this month iirc.

I bought a couple Japanese crystals PSA 10’s off of him to complete my set but he mentioned he got over £10k for a majority of his collection and selling his main youtube account with it so he made quite a bit of cash from it all.

yeah Is different he sold to soemone, any way to contact him though? caus eim interested in some of his stuff but hes not on here :slightly_frowning_face:

He going to dubai? what is his profession?

He worked in finance, im not sure exactly what he did, but I remember when i first got into youtube pokemon videos, i would often talk to him.

I wasn’t aware that he sold his channel, however a card e-retailer called chaos cards now uses it.