From 1996 to Now -The collection of Binx345

Ok, so I will start to post my collections on here. The best way or only way I can do this is by videos. I just have a few now but will add more soon.

This is my pikachu card and flats collection.

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This is my poison and bug type figures collection. I have new additions since this video.

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This is my card and flats A - B Binders, and this is from about 1 year ago so new additions are not in the video. There is my 1st ever holo, from my first pack ever - a dark alakazam.

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Very nice

Nice collection !

I think @aj1 will love your Pikachu collection :blush:

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I do :blush:

Thanks! Here is my rarest plush ---- decided to post it here instead of “rarest item in your collection” thread.

I love your collection!

I like how you organize your collection by the Alphabet. Abra is a favorite trio pokemon of mine and I love practically every card of them–it makes me so happy to see so many of the cards in one folder!

Keep it coming!

Thanks! In some instances, the pokemon cards will be sorted by their Japanese name. I put ‘oshawott’ cards in as mijumaru. It is my collection, so that is the great thing, organizing it how I choose. Even if some people look at my like I am crazy for doing it alphabetically, then by alphabet based on English names yet some by Japanese names. Yes, I guess I am crazy, crazy about pokemon!

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Great videos and collection! I especially enjoy seeing the older Japanese cards.

In your Pikachu video, you correctly called one of the jumbos “Pikachu’s Summer Vacation.” However, the second jumbo (the one you thought might be “Pikachu’s Vacation”) is actually “Pokemon Square” (as in “town square”). Not a big deal, just thought I’d help out :blush:

Nice prototype figure. You’re lucky it still has tags. If you ever try to authenticate it, those tags will help out. They did the same thing with prototype toys. Instead of tags, they wrote it on paper. A artist signature can authenticate these types of toys, more so than just writing.

Nice collection!!

Thanks, and japanime I called the card that because it is the place where pikachu and friends went in the 1st movie short “Pikachu’s Vacation”. It seems to be the only jumbo or even TCG/CCG card that features the 1st movie short. Interesting the actual translation is pokemon square.

That is the image from the movie that shows this pokemon square.

Ok my rarest pokemon cards must be the Charizard Collection! As of May 1, 2014 it is near complete.

Missing some wild blaze/flashfire chars, and 1st edition charizards.

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Ok here is an update! New video! This was requested a while ago by a member here.

This is my current Dragonball, Naruto, and Pokemon calendar collection. calendars are from USA and Japan.