CBug Pokemon Card's Progress

Hi everybody,

Nice to meet everyone. I am new to the collecting scene and hopefully everyone can point me in the right direction. :stuck_out_tongue:

Album Link: imgur.com/a/dygAx

Here is a picture of my most recent purchase. (26th May 2014)

Will update whenever I can :blush:


Lovely set!

So what mostly appeals to you about pokemon tcg? I, for example collect every card from 1 pokemon(pikachu) which is a fun way of collecting. For you have a wide variety of sets.
But I could also imagine collecting old sets like vhs squirtle and bulbasaur deck, neo intro pack etc. They are rare, but are small decks/sets to collect.
Any collection has its own qualities.

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Always nice to see a new face.

What do you collect?

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I see myself as an all round collector with a slight preference to weird cards. Haha >.<

And the story behind the cards appeals to me the most. Like my dream would be to own the university magikarp and the parent child kangaskhan. But I can never afford them ;( The VHS set was on my list, but I just keep getting distracted by other cards!

I’m so happy to receive so many replies so fast! Thanks guys!

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Us Dutchies are fully awake too. Well, good luck with you collection. Let me know if you’re looking for something specific, I might be able to help you.

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As am I :wink:
I’m always lurking…

-fades off into the mist-

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welcome, I look forward to seeing your collection grow

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Welcome. It’s always nice to have new collectors join this community. I look forward to seeing your collection grow. All the best.

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Happy to see a new face. I look forward to seeing your progress grow!

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Welcome! Those Japanese Southern Islands are a nice collection to have. I’d love to see other parts of your collection.

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:heart_eyes: all of you guys! And here’s a couple more of some random Japanese cards I got. If anyone got any information regarding these cards would be great!

The snorlax and porygon was some Nintendo 64 event? And the last is Ooyama’s Pikachu, it’s just so weird!

You have a nice mix of cards.

Lugia ex is definitely a pricier one :blush:
Cool Porygon x2
N64 Snorlax x 2
McDonalds Zapdos
Ooyama’s Pikachu
The rest are just set cards :blush:

Except isn’t the Ho-Ho a Coro Coro promo or something? I can’t remember

Thought I listed it… I can’t recall the exact origin of Ho-oh but it is a promo :blush:

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Thanks for the info! As you can see, I got no system of organizing my cards. What system do you guys use? Right now I have a general section separating my cards. English Cards, Japanese Cards. Within English cards, I have the BW-on category, EX-era category, WotC category. As for Japanese cards, Promo category and WotC category. Here’s another picture of some of my cards.

The ancient mew is the error one which says Nintedo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome! Always nice to see another collector. :blush: Are you aiming for the older promo cards?

that zapdos though I love it

looooove love love that lugia ex…such a nice card. i also love the vs energy. dont ask me why, but the holo effect on vs holo energies are fantastic

the hooh is a corocoro, the english version is from pokemon center

also love the sweepstakes blastoise…very nice set. if you plan to complete it let me know, i have an extra feraligar

welcome to the community!!!

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Hi, I’m sorta back from a log hiatus. Here’s some recent acquisition from a store that used to sell Pokemon back in the early 2000s. Does anyone know what this is worth? @pokemonchina


My sealed booster box collection. I’m not a sealed box collector, but I’ve gotten these from a close collector friend who was offloading for a good deal. :blush: