I feel like a newbie, thanks guys

So here’s my story:

I began collecting these things the day they came out (here in the US at least). I was a young lass and Pokemon was my first true love.

I tested different methods of collecting the cards, and finally found one that worked for me. I have my binders separated by generation, and the sets go in order of release. I have the cards in numerical order (by the card number on the bottom right corner). If there is a card I don’t have, I leave the slot blank.

Eventually I had little rugrats of my own, and collecting became less of a priority to me (but always tearing at me when a new set was released). Now I have many a page completely missing cards, and don’t know where to begin.

Anyway, here are some examples of earlier sets so you all can see (and quietly judge) my collecting method. I tend to be very fond of the mainstream cards and haven’t collected promos or any other fancy cards, although I am thinking about beginning once my mainstream collection fills up a bit more.

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Welcome aboard! :blush:
I love your collection!

As @viperfox said to me once, you don’t need trophy cards to have a cool collection =^__^=

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I also put my cards in numerical order just like you. Tell us which cards you’re missing and we’ll try to help.

Binders are my favorite method of collecting too :blush: I like that you can see many cards in one glance and ordering them by number helps me easily see which cards I need to fill the gaps. Welcome and celebrate the nostalgia!

I’m so happy to see that others organize the way I do! Just seeing how the cards have changed over the generations makes me giddy :blush:

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Welcome to the forum! Great collection! That’s how I organize my base, jungle, fossil, and rocket sets.

Hello and welcome to the boards. I only have the early Japanese sets in my kids’ collection but they are organised in similar fashion too. :blush:

Wicked nice collection you have there! I’d love to see pictures of the whole thing at some point or a video if you can provide one!

I am a picky collector as I only really collect singles of certain type of Pokemon, mostly on my favorite: Gyarados. But I always marvel at the huge collections people own such as this! Who knows, maybe if I didn’t get rid of the majority of my Pokemon cards years ago in a yard sale, I would have had a much more significant collection going!

Welcome and best of luck! Let me know if you have any cards missing as I have a lot of common/commons from all sorts of sets laying around.

Thanks! Everyone is making me feel so welcome here :blush:

Yes, I have the “gotta catch em all” attitude. Well, I did when I was a kid and I guess it just stuck with me. I’m the same way with the game, too. I don’t have to have the best of each Pokemon, but I need to have every single species.

I’m just, simply, a collector :heart_eyes:

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Welcome to the site:)
Lot of info within this group when you need help.