jennrummymeister OMG collection

I was watching youtube videos and I found this guy. watch his pokmeon master collection videos and tell me what you think. what do you guys think his collection is worth? he has a value 38,000 Do you think they are worth that. but eathere way this guy has one hell of a collection.

No it is not worth that, but it is a hell of a collection. He has a lot of nice cards, but most are cheap as far as pricing goes, and that price he has qouted would be if you broke up the collection and sold each at ideal value.

But it is an awsome collection regardless of how much it could bring in. I hope he keeps going with it.

That was freaking sweet.

Regardless of the value of his cards, his videos are pretty amazing (or what cardkeeper said :grin:)

Wow that’s insane…