TheCatsMeowth Collection

My name is The CatsMeowth and while I registered a few months ago, I really got into the site a few weeks ago. The vast number of cards on this site worth thousands alone just astonishes me! I’m primarily an English collector set collector. In the Spring of 2011 I completed my goal of collecting all the English sets. This did not including errors, misprints, alternate printings etc…just the normal cards that you’d ‘expect’ to pull from a pack. Here’s the video of the entire set that I made this past Spring, including videos of the sets and scans of the sets.

I had picked up English promos while collecting the set cards and once my English Master Set was complete, I started to focus more on the promos. I have several hundred so far, but nothing extremely rare individually. I also started collecting Japanese cards (something that I had refused to touch during my English Set quest). I don’t have a specific goal at the moment other than continuing to complete sets and pick up what I can along the way.

The unique part about myself and my collection is that I didn’t buy the majority of the cards individually. I started out with bulk lots on ebay and craigslist, sorted out what I didn’t have and traded the rest. I’d say well over 50% of my English Master Set was acquired through trades. I did end up buying the last ~2% simply because I was so close at that point and got a bit impatient. Less than 5% of the collection is not in nm/mint condition, so another current goal is to get them replaced (still working on the lists).

I’m currently saving up for a house, so you won’t see me buying any of the ‘big’ cards anytime soon, but since many of the cards on my wants list are still ‘cheap’, I may decide to pick up one or two a month. I’m looking forward to sharing trades that I’ve made for some of the older promos that people here might find more interesting as well as add completed sets. I’ve noticed that most users prefer to add pictures of their new cards, but are there any objections towards videos (mostly for the complete sets)?

Looking forward to joining the community!

Welcome to the forum! You have one heck of a collection! :blush: I am definitely jealous of your complete wizards sets…particularly the complete e sets.

I LOVE your videos!

And you collection is just outstanding! It is something to be extremely proud of!

Welcome to UPCCC! Very glad you’re hear and I can’t wait to see your future additions. :blush:

@thecatsmeowth – Welcome to the UPCCC! Glad to have you aboard :heart:

I think your collection is incredible – definitely something to take pride in!! My jaw nearly dropped to the floor upon watching your video; I am seriously impressed! I actually enjoy the video format; it’s a refreshing approach for a collector to express.

P.S. – I love your username :wink:

Okay wow your collection is nuts! It must have taken forever to get all those cards, not to mention forever to take a superior video like yours. You’ve really done a great job with both :blush:

I can’t wait to see where your collection takes you :blush: Welcome to UPCCC :blush:

ps. I would certainly say your collection is the Cat’s Meow :wink:

Oh snap never knew you joined this site lol but always seeing your collection grow from when you first began till now is just pure amazing how much it has gotten.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I don’t know how to embed videos in posts, but I’m sure a simple link won’t be a problem. Here’s my latest complete set - Japanese Team Rocket!

Oh wow. Is this really happening? One of my Pokemon idols on my favorite forum? Yay :grin:

Well anyways, I’m sure I’ve already expressed my extreme congratulations (and envy) to your collection over Youtube (I’m MrDaelumTCG - messaged you a while back :stuck_out_tongue:), but nonetheless, I shall do it again!

Your collection is rather spectacular. You are one of 3 (possibly 4, gotta double check) I know that actually have every english card released. It’s truly amazing.

P.S. Where did you get your Reverse Holo TV Reporter from ex Dragon? Those things are expensive!!

@daelum - I remember you! So weird to be considered an idol on this site when there’s so many amazing ultra rare cards here! I think I got my reverse tv reporter from trollandtoad several years ago. It was still expensive at the time, but I think it was under $75.

lol i’m just surprised now that your going into japanese cards more as well.But still good to see someone else here that does youtube

Yeah…there’s just too many unique japanese cards that we’ll never get an english version of…too tempting not to collect them at this point. Although if I were still working on my english master set, I probably wouldn’t be collecting japanese. It would have just been too much to focus on.

I remember PMing you about if your Expedition packs were for sale on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:
Well I guess this means only one thing…
Time to scan my collection and upload.

@thecatsmeowth – You can embed YouTube videos in Proboards with this code:

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I hope this helps!

Here’s another complete set (and my first attempt to embed the video in the post)! I love the Chansey and Doduo in this set! Japanese exclusive cards like these are the ones that convinced me to start collecting Japanese cards.

Wow! Your collection is the bees knees! I especially like the older english sets. I watched one of your battle videos. I think you shouldnt cut them down, its nice to watch the whole match. I havent played pokemon with cards newer than team rocket so it was cool to see some of the new stuff, those ex’s are nuts!

Thanks! I think if I get better in the commentary, speeding it up to under 20 minutes would be greatly appreciated, but I really have to keep up with everything :grin: