Freems collection :)

Hi, im new to UPCCC and have been reading others collection threads and thought i would make my own. I know its not as epic as some but oh well i hope to improve it in the future :grin:

Im Tom and i am currently trying to complete a WOTC master set by pulling as much as possible myself which is proving to be more expensive then i thought it would be :stuck_out_tongue:

So far i have managed to open pack lots/boxes of:
Team rocket
Gym Heroes
Neo destiny

Along side completing the WOTC master set i try to complete some japanese sets including VS, Web and odd things like McDonalds promos which weren’t printed in English as i find them cool which is proving to be a major to task to find some of the cards ;(

I do upload some video of new editions to my collection to if you want to check it out.

Whilst trying to complete these sets i buy odd things like pre-release promos, ultra rares and nice looking holos/artwork.

I would upload pictures but i cba to right now :stuck_out_tongue: I may in the future though if anyone wants to see?

Thanks for reading and i’m glad to become a member in the UPCCC community :blush:

Great to see another poketuber on the forums!

Hi Tom,

Welcome to the forum. I’m very pleased that you’ve joined us. Our community is definitely growing. Be proud of your collection no matter how big or small it is.



Thanks its great to be here :blush:

Oh i am proud of it but its just taking a lot of time and money to grow :slightly_frowning_face:

Very nice collection! I have alaways wanted to collect all of the wotc sets ( best era imo). :blush: Those “odd” japanese sets alays prove to be a challenge to complete.

@freemish – Welcome to the UPCCC :heart:

Your collection is looking great so far! I like that you’re collecting exclusive sets like VS, WEB and the 2002 McDonald’s Promotional cards – it’s ambitious, but worth it :blush:

Hey freemish! You have got some cool stuff there. I’m gonna have to watch some of your vids this evening. I just subbed to your channel. My youtube username is ShiningPulls. Hope to see some new stuff from you soon :blush:

@uu, Thanks, yeah well i am doing not too bad so far as i have the most expensive/rarer ones like karens umbreon and Web charizard holo but i still need quite a few but hope to begin filling the gaps soon.

@raichu awesome, i have just checked and i was already subbed to you lol, but will take another look at your videos to remind me what you have :blush:

Nice collection and welcome to the forum :blush: Best of luck completing your sets!