PokeGB's Collection

Hello, never really been a big poster recently due to one reason or another, but having just started a YouTube channle, I will be showing my collection in there, I only have one video at the minute but upon more views and subscribers I’ll be uploading more, this is the easiest way for me to showcase what I have as pictures takes a lot of time for me.

My channel is PokeGB90 if anyone wants to have a peek or subscribe to me, I’ll be getting more active there, and here in the comming months.

I’ll even get pictures up here of some things and some point.

Thanks for your time :grin:

Hey there PokeGB,
welcome to the UPCCC! I was hoping you would register and be a part of this forum aswell :blush:
Looking forward to see some of your collectibles!

My collection isnt anywhere near the standard of a lot but i have a few goodies, currently going for every english set 1st, not far off, i have every set in base form at least, just need them ultra rare stuff like exs and what not, my newest addition, a 1st edition Neo Destiny set, my 2nd most wanted set of all time. Ill do a video at somepoint :blush: