Any japanese collectors have a youtube channel?

I was just wondering if any of you japanese poke card collectors have a youtube channel that you do videos of your cards also? I have one. but i would like too see your guys’ amazing cards in video! Pictures are nice but videos are usually even better!

You can post you channel link on the thread so everyone including me can enjoy! If i like what i see ill definitely sub!

POST AWAYYYYYY ! :blush:))


Just a disclaimer… TURN YOUR SPEAKERS DOWN!
The music scared the pants off of me xD

Very nice collection!

Oh man, VERY SORRY! Lol. Hope your not mad. I might take off the music and leave it silent lol. And thanks! Very mych appreciated!

Hahaha I do not. I’m starting to become a bit more private with my collection :grin:

I’m not mad, it was just frightening XD

I used to have a YouTube channel.

…but then I took a pokéball to the knee.

I don’t get it UU :stuck_out_tongue: Also your signature is misleading! Makes me click it every time :wink:

@cbd1235 – Damn it. You’re not supposed to click the link…lawbreaker!

hahaha! :grin:

I suggest that as compensation, Jason should be required to give you a card of your choice :blush:

(Wow I would make an evil mod - good thing I’m no longer in charge :stuck_out_tongue:)

PS: thanks for changing the title :blush:

I think I prefer pictures to videos anyway. The quality on pictures can be mind-blowing compared to the types of video cameras people usually have.

tatted up hand. cool videos

Hey guys I just started a new channel on YouTube and Im kicking it off with a bang opening 1001 Pokemon booster packs a new youtube record beating primetimepokemon and thesmgquest previous records!! so if you have time please come by and check it out and if you like what you see comment, like, and subscribe! It would be a big help to me :blush: also I’ll be doing a massive! Pokemon raffle after I finish the booster pack openings and I mean MASSIVE so stay tuned for that. Thanks a lot in advance guys I really appreciate all the support.

Cheers Scc.

Sounds interesting!

I’ve had one for a while.

I’ve got a channel as well. Nothing exceedingly rare - mostly just JPN booster box/pack openings, with a few older sets mixed in.