Who would be your companion/buddy Pokemon?

We all know about Ash’s Pikachu and Gary’s Eevee, but if you had a kick ass team, maybe even had a legendary or two you captured, who would be your companion? Who would you leave outside of the Pokeball as often as possible? Who would you not have the heart to evolve if they decided they didn’t want to?

Had a hard time choosing between Aron, Totodile, Jigglypuff, and Venonat but ultimately I imagine my team would have a little dwarf Venonat that could fit into the palm of my hand. I always loved the look of the Pokemon with the distinctive “Veno-nat!” call from Episode 32 of the Anime, the big bulbous eyes, and it’s fuzz.

Just look at this cutie:

So who would be your companion?


Mewtwo :blush:

I would do squirtle for the cute Pokémon. But Blastoise is also one of my favorites so it would be tough because I like both.

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I like Houndour, so that would be a great companion.
Besides, I don’t like Houndoom that much, so it can stay a Houndour.

I don’t think an actual dog would like to continuously walk around in Houndour cosplay, otherwise I would’ve already had my as-close-as-it-gets Houndour in real life! :grin:

Artist: kenket


This is actually a topic of conversation between me and my friends pretty frequently. My Pokemon would be Raichu. As a kid during my first playthrough of the games, Raichu was my go-to guaranteed win, and it’s stuck with me ever since.


I’d like a partner whose abilities are useful irl. Supplying something essential like water was my first thought, so it should be able to learn hydropump. Riding on its back would be awesome, even more so if it can fly. Lastly telekinesis would be useful in countless situations, so I think I would go with Lugia. ^^ Lugia was my first legendary in-game, I used to take it to school in the Pokewalker :wink:

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Legendary: Mew
Outside Pokeball: Shining magikarp just to flex. (Assuming it cant die outside water lol)
Not evolve: Pichu

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Ditto for sure, no doubt about that. But Mew would be a close second pick.


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Tough question. My first two thoughts were Alakazam and Gyarados, but that means it’d be a tough road in the beginning (Abra/Magikarp).

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No Jolteon?!? I’m *shocked*. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Legendary would be Articuno, he was my OG back in Pokemon Yellow. It would be great to have him fly around with me and an since I live in the desert an ice pokemon would help a ton with keeping my place cool.

Non-legendary/cute would be Flareon. I love the way he looks and his big fiery mane just looks awesome to cuddle. Plus he’s not too big and would be able to come with me to work haha.

Probably a Murkrow


I’m torn between Kabuto and haunter as my companion Pokemon.


I would pick mew, it’s my favorite pokemon and it can transform into any other pokemon and it also has psychic powers. It is also pretty small so it would be easy to take care of. Realistically how would you care for a charizard or something large lol?
If not mew I think I would pick eevee.

Do you dislike hugs???


I don’t dislike hugs but I prefer having space. I have to be really comfortable with someone to hug them.
I consider Kabuto hugable

For some reason my brain read it as Kabutops :open_mouth:

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Alolan Vulpix. Who’s surprised? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He’s such a cutie and I would keep him outside of the PokeBall and travel by my side, he fits well to that role. But I would also like to have an Alolan Ninetales in my team, so I would have both of them.

Keeping my bby Salamence outside of a PokeBall would be a task I guess :grin:


Why would I walk around the pokemon world when I could ride a ponyta everywhere.



A live charging station that can disarm people and provide light, what else to ask for?