Which Charizard card is most liquid?

Hey guys,

Knowing the Charizard card are some of the most liquid cards in the hobby, i’d like to get an idea of which one you think is the most liquid charizard card in general?

When i asked myself this question, my initial thought was 1st ed base, but the high price makes me question whether or not it is the most liquid overall? I’m assuming it wouldn’t be as easy to find a committed buyer as opposed to selling something like a raw unlimited base charizard in NM condition for example, but i truly have little idea.

Any members that have sold/bought many charizard cards over time would definitely have some great knowledge on this.

If you could specify the quality rating of the card if you’re talking about an ungraded card, or the grade for a graded card, i think that would provide great insight also.

Thanks :blush:

In terms of liquid, fast sales, graded,

Whatever the newest Graded Charizard PSA is, generally goes down a storm!

From vintage stuff I would probably go for either base unlimited or Team Rocket as a close second :blush:

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Which Charizard would you be most confident buying right now on eBay at as close as possible to current market price and instantly selling it for the same market price?

The answer to this question would be the most liquid Charizard :wink:


Liquidity is not just about speed but it’s the ratio between how much you have to cut the price to sell as quickly as possible.

So if I wanted to sell a card by tomorrow, what card will require the least % reduction in price to make it happen? Something like your first edition base is an obvious choice and will stay liquid for as long as the hobby is relevant. If you asked me about 3-4 months ago I would have said the lottery zard in PSA 10. There was a period if time where you could just list at the last sale price and it would be gone by the next day. That was just some temporary hype though.

It’s hard to say what the most liquid charizard is though. There are a lot of good candidates. Even a played gold star sells consistently.


1st base charizard.

PkmnFlyingMaster is right on the money with the % reduction price ratio. A few points I wanted to add:

  1. The base charizards (1st, shadowless, base) is probably the most widely searched and well known charizard, and I’m sure a few of us here constantly scours ebay to find one at the “right” price. Other charizards may also be well known, like shining or gold star, but I’m quite certain that the base set is still the most widely searched one (as you can tell from the price).

  2. A bigger price means a larger spread, making it more flexible to sell a card and translate it to savings to a customer. If you slash a common card’s price by half, lets say from 1$ to 50 cents, buyers may still not buy your card because while the savings are 50%, missing out on such a “deal” won’t make them lose too much savings. Slashing the market price of a base charizard on the other hand…

However, I do agree with graded groudon too…newest charizard in a set is almost always extremely liquid, and sold instantly because the demand at the initial release is just too high.


Recent Charizard from ultra shiny is a good example, the ssr one.

I think the sold spread has been from $420 USD - $55 USD in just the last 2 weeks.

It’s sort of stabilising now. But of course the first pre-ordered / listed or the first psa graded demand high price… generally. As it’s a nice feeling owning something fastest.



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Most liquid charizard:



Thanks for the response :blush:. But, i have little experience buying and selling charizards, hence why i have asked the question.

You might be better suited to answering that question yourself though.
Which one do you think?

All charizards are liquid. Which would sell the fastest depends on how close to market you wanted to sell for. Any time someone sees a below market deal on a zard, they buy it up. It’s just a matter of pricepoint. People check for zards every day.

Yeah, thanks for that. I guess i probably should have asked which charizard is generally the easiest to sell at market price? Rather than which is most ‘liquid’.

Depends how long you’re willing to wait.

easiest to sell at market is prob 1st ed base, shadowless base, and skyridge. I always see ex crystal guardians consistently get picked up at their market price as well.

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I don’t think liquidity means what you think it means.

I would honestly say Base 1st charizard in general with lower grades being slightly more liquid than PSA 10’s. Honestly maybe even something like a PSA 9 or PSA 10 unlimited zard would have higher liquidity all things considered.


Base Set for sure. In terms of liquidity, I’d say the affordable ones so anything in the $100-200 range Unlimited, $200-500 Shadowless and $500-1500 1st Ed.

Honorable mention to ANY played or light played sought after Zard(Crystal, Shining, Gold Star, etc…) . You shouldn’t lose a penny here and sell within 24 hours.

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Molasses is a liquid.

Anyhow, why do you want “liquid charizards”? Like what’s the point?

Purely just a curious question, and who better to ask than some of the most experienced people in the hobby.


I was just messing around. Honestly I find the question itself strange. If one is so concerned with liquidity, I’d assume it’s because of potential future hardship. If that’s the case, one should reconsider spending so much on cardboard.