Where do these badges come from ?

Hello !

I would like to have some information about these badges :

If I remember well, I already saw them in a Pokemon Trainers magazine, but I can’t read japanese …
So if anyone have information :blush:

Thanks !

@garyis2000 might know?

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Come on, I am sure someone knows :blush:

They look amazing, sorry i cant help

@funmonkey54 ? I believe these were from Leagues back in the day but I don’t know how to play the TCG…

No idea. They look homemade almost.

It is impossible, I saw them in a Trainers magazine (I cannot remember which), moreover I bought badges like that from two differents sellers.

I didn’t take personnal pictures of the badges, but I have another picture from an auction :

They are real :blush:

That’s a significantly better picture.

Also, if you know they’re from trainers mag, just research it from there?

The artwork of the gym leaders almost looks like the VS / e-series days, so I’m guessing the year is early 2000’s

Just a guess.

It is more complicated, I am not too stupid ^^

My collection (so the Trainers magazines too) is at my parent’s house (I am student), and I will no visit them before august …

Yes, I saw these many times years ago but paid very little attention to them. For sure they were produced for mass market but don’t have any specifics.

Im pretty sure they are from the gym challenge events in japan. no clue as to which ones in particular tho, those events have seen many giveaways/promos

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Thanks, but I would like to have official sources ^^