Name of magazine

What is the name of the magazine that these pictures came in and does anybody have one for sale thank u.

Link is broken.

sey don’t know why it’s broken but it is the magazine that has all the japanese trophy cards in it like all 3 sets of pikas and the ssb tmb trainers with pictures

It’s from this japanese book

thank u very much. I have been looking for this for a awhile now.

Does anybody here have this book the seller wants 20 dollars just to ship.

(Ssshh…It’s one of my secret projects), If you can wait 1-2 months I can send you the digital copy!!!

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Just figure the shipping into the total price then bid accordingly. That price isn’t so bad really. I have several but they are all in brand new condition and If I sold one, which I probably wouldn’t, I’d want at least that same amount if not more.