What's happened to footballjulian2005

As the thread title says, what’s happened to him? He’s no longer a registered user…he was one of the biggest Pokemon dealers on eBay?


I noticed that about a week ago. I guess his stopped selling or his made a new account.

I heard his eBay account got banned.

Didn’t he get scammed with the prerelease raichu?

Yeah, I believe he was the one who bought/traded for it. I think the deletion of his account had something to do with that, but I’m not too sure.

He was caught threatening a guy through eBay messages. Not smart to do it through eBay even if the person deserved it.
Julian’s been making large bulk buys from me for many years and is a terrific guy so when he comes back he shouldn’t be judged by this.

How’d he get scammed? I thought that prerelease Raichu card was removed from eBay before the auction ended? :thinking:

He made a deal privately and got scammed. He then started harassing the scammer in which resulted in eBay banning his account.

Does anyone know what the amount he paid and if he was able to get a refund?

It was a trade I believe and he sent 1st. He obviously wasn’t thinking if that’s the case.

I heard he threatened to kill the Scammer which is understandable considering the circumstances.I’m sure a lot of us would feel like this if we were scammed out of a large value of cards. But Ebay doesn’t take threats lightly so in their defense they did the right thing because its their job to make sure Ebay is a safe Environment for everyone. Hopefully Julian comes back soon because he is a great person, I have done numerous deals with him over the years with no hassle at all and as Gary said he shouldn’t be judged by this because all of us could have easily been in his situation.

Even if he comes back, the thousands of positive feedbacks will be missing so I guess it will be very hard to make good money out of selling cards again :confused:

He’s definitely a good guy what I can tell from my experience

I’ll give him any business he needs. He’s a great guy.

If anyone has an email I could use to contact him, then let me know! I took it for granted that he’d always be on eBay so I didn’t write down his contact information.

EDIT: All good, I got it :blush:

If he has the shipping information that was given him in the deal, he could probably physically show up at the doorstep of the guy who scammed him with a police force. And at a fraction of the cost of the fake card.

The guy is probably overseas (in the US) from where fbJ is, and the police will probably do nothing. The old saying usually holds true; if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. :confused:

I mean, an overseas trip might still be cheaper.
And if the police can’t do anything, you could probably add some mercenaries to your confrontation team.

Oh so he was the one who got scammed. Yikes, that must feel awful. I really hope everything gets settled.

Honestly I would definitely sue him… The police needs to do something then… And it wont be difficult to find out his name and address through ebay…

If you ever trade with someone you dont know make sure both make a payment through paypal with the same anount and then send the cards out… Like this you are on the safe side…

The scammer and Julian did do the deal through PayPal and for the same amount of money. I think the issue was the amount of money was a lot less the value the of the cards so all he could get back was around $50 or something like that. Since the deal was done off eBay they are not interested and since the money was refunded neither are PayPal so technically he sold sold a large amount Of cards for $50 and no crime was committed really sucks :confused:

Well then his only chance is to get in contact with the police… Otherwise the cards are lost…

Ebay removed the listing so why didnt they block the scammer? They knew he is fooling people :confused: