What's a PSA 10 2009 Diasuki Club Gold Point Pikachu Worth?

I just got back a Diasuki Pikachu that graded a 10. I can’t find an APR value on PSA, and I can’t find any sales info on Ebay. I found one listed for 3700 on Ebay. I put mine up for 4k and have received a few offers from 500 to 1700 so far. Does anyone have an idea what a reasonable price is to sell this card?


It’s a difficult card to value because it’s quite niche and the L-P copy is so readily available for much cheaper. There aren’t many DPt-P full-set collectors because of cards like this and the other two Daisuki cards (which PSA has yet to grade any of). I’ve been looking to pick these cards up raw for a while now. The Pikachu is selling for higher than I personally value the card. Coincidentally, one on YJA sold today for 22,220 JPY (~$205) - I’d guess that that’s PSA 7 to 9 condition, but it’s hard to tell.

A PSA 8.5 copy for $255 on eBay last month.

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Does anyone have photos or links to articles that prove the darkrai and cresselia exist?

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Pokemon Japan has the card pictures on their website and this blog site too: