Pikachu DPt-P 16 Sealed

I have a sealed copy of this card and was curious if anyone has seen a recent sale of the card? I believe a few years ago a PSA 10 ended around $800-1k. I have not seen one in ages, and know that their print run was very short, but am curious if anyone has had any recent experience with the card.

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I think it was m768ali’s copy that sold last.

To think that the English promo sells for less than $1.
This is why I love and despise Japanese cards :stuck_out_tongue:

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No idea.

Did you pick that up from Brian? :blush:

Perhaps! :blush:

And thanks Nestor, I thought it was @m768ali that sold it a few years ago. I figured it would probably be impossible to gauge as the DPt Daiksuki promos print run was absurdly short.

Reason why I’m keeping my PSA9 copy in my collection. :blush:

I sold my PSA 10 copy for $150 early last year iirc it was a person on this site who isnt active anymore.

I thought you sold one on eBay for $800? Perhaps it was another seller. It was around 2011.

I wish I got around $800 for them haha. Im pretty sure when I graded my 2 copies their were no other 10 copies at the time.