Championship Arena 2005 PSA 9

The last sales I know of are a PSA 4 at ~$1048 dollars and a PSA 6 at $641 dollars (PWCC auction). What should a PSA 9 go for? If somebody has any information to share I’d highly appreciate it :blush:


English or Japanese? :blush:


I considered a copy at 2k to be a good deal but the card ended up having a crease that PSA missed, like most of these cards. Not sure if that helps but I think a true 9 with no missed damage is very very hard to come by.


So it’s like the same crease on multiple copies? How could PSA miss that multiple times? I looked over my copy and it doesn’t seem to have any weird damage, it’s a tiny bit off-centre on the back aswell as some knickels at the corners which held it from being a 10.

I could add some pictures if somebody wants to!

I have literally only ever seen two copies of this card without some degree of impression on the corners. My PSA 10 and one of the other PSA 10s. I’ve seen multiple 9s and 10s now that still have the impressions, but slight and overlooked. It is not always obvious to people that don’t know what to look for. I often get copies that are supposedly mint handed to me and about 10 seconds later, I’m looking for lighting to show the owner the impressions they didn’t see.

If its a copy that truly does not have the impressions, I think a valuation should start at 2K. I still possess my proper PSA 10 copy and the second copy without impressions (with 1 corner knick) I sold for $2500 cash several years ago.

If it has the impressions, I still think you could get 2K with proper time. It’s not a liquid card at full valuation. But even just handsome copies with the impressions sell for $1200-1500 pretty regularly.

If you’re in possession of a 9, I highly recommend hanging onto it. This is a card that has crept up in scarcity more and more and more and more over time. In 2017, I was writing about how the card is “overdue for a four-figure valuation.”

Today, it’s still creeping upward and has hit those goals and beyond. The giant boom in Pokemon popularity did not drive out a flood of copies of the card. I don’t know anyone sitting on a ton of them. It’s such a good example of the future of high-end English. And it’s beautiful with great history.


Thanks for taking the time to write this in depth answer! If an ok condition copy with impressions sells regularly for about $1200-1500 dollars, doesn’t a PSA 9 copy, even with the impressions, deserve to be worth more than 2k? I know the grades don’t matter as much when it comes to cards that are this rare but a difference of $500-800 dollars seems a little off to me.

I’ll take some pictures of the card tomorrow, hopefully it’s seeable. This card for sure is a perfect example of the future of higher end English. It’s already one of the main English promo’s right? Despite the scarcity though, there always seems to be some copies available. That’s a little weird when there’s only around 80 copies in total…

I’ve read your article about a year ago, I even included it in my eBay listing as a recommended read for people who want to know more about the card. Could’ve tried explaining it myself but why would I when there’s an article covering everything? Well done!

I don’t think it’s visible in the pictures. It’s also not visible in real, at least not for me :stuck_out_tongue:

There are way more copies of this card. Each competitor who got the invitation + hotel got one pushed under the door.
As I remember correct the only ones not having the hotelroom were the players who got in from the Last Change Qualifier but all others should have gotten one.
I think at least 300 copies were distributed that way. I don’t know if staff also received one.

The corners might be showing they were in a special wrapper/karton.

I bought my copy years ago from an interpreter at worlds. So I would say staff got one.