Sealed Daisuki Fan Club Pikachu

I hope this is appropriate to post here. I recognize that I am new here. I’ve read nearly every thread I’ve seen that caught my interest here however. It’s served as an incredible learning experience in the field of exclusive collection pieces.

On topic though.
Sealed Daisuki Fan Club Pikachu

What is a fair price to pay for this item?
I see them on ebay frequently around the 40 price mark. I’ve got an opportunity to purchase one at 25. Is this a worthy investment?

Any information that can be provided about the history and value of the card would be much appreciated. I’m here to learn above all.

Additionally, a little value guidance on the following cards would be appreciated:

Dialga & Palkia Championship Arena
Victory Ring

Seller has them listed at $99 and $85 respectively.
I’ve done some research, but some direct knowledge would be appreciated as well. Thank you for any and all help.

Welcome funmonkey!

To your question about the Daisuki Fan Club Pikachu. This card was made twice. Once in the DPt-P series (016/DPt-P) and once in the L-P series (019/L-P). 016/Dpt-P has a different layout and is rarer.

Long gone are the days when 019/L-P was priced at $100. Today $25 seems reasonable although with patience you can find it for less, even on ebay. On Yahoo Japan the card sells below 1000 Yen but then you have the fees to consider. Is it a good investment? Well, it certainly is a nice item to have for your collection but I wouldn’t expect you to make a big profit from reselling it in a few years.

Things are different for 016/DPt-P. Fair price is difficult to nail down because there are very few explicit 016/DPt-P sales. Indeed, I saw only one completed sale, on Yahoo Japan, about six weeks ago, very beautiful specimen, ending at 4200 Yen. So, if you can get 016/DPt-P for $25, go for it by all means. You might even turn your new acquisition into a nice profit by auctioning it off right here on this board.

I actually bought my DPt-P pikachu for £25 and eventually sold it for $150 about 2 months later.

Daria is spot on with the price. Currently you can pick them up for $25-30. I would personally not pay anymore than that.

Thank you so much! This information is priceless for me.
Any information regarding the other two before I jump into a deal?

Dialga & Palkia Championship Arena - $60-70
Victory Ring - $40-60