What would this Japanese Shining Mewtwo grade at?

I’m not sure if this sort of thread is allowed here; sorry if it isn’t.

I’ve never had a card graded before and was wondering whether this Japanese Shining Mewtwo would be worth grading or not?

The top right corner has small crease and there’s a small amount of whitening on 3 sides. The surface is clean though, any bits in the photo are dust on the sleeve.

Thanks for any help.

Top right at the front pretty much stops it being a 10. The back is slightly off centered, and the front centering seems fine.
Barring any scratches that we can’t see in the photos I think you’d be set aiming for a 9 with an 8 also being an acceptable judgement.

EDIT: Just read your description properly. I think an 8 is the best you can probably hope for with those flaws.

EDIT2: I need glasses.

See @nauticads post

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The crease is so easy to spot you’ll most likely receive 5-6, not really worth grading.

That’s one cute stand for cards btw. :blush:

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lol thats genius using lego as a stand

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Ok, thanks milhouse and nauticads for your input.

So creases are real condition killers eh?

I wondered if anyone would notice the lego :blush: I recently found a lot of my old sets in the loft and have been building them to see how complete they are. I’ve finished the complete Rock Raiders set and a motorised R2D2 so far.

yup a crease is usually enough to automatically bring that grade down to a 6