Grading a card with a crease that is otherwise flawless

I have a Crystal Celebi that looks NM outside of a half inch long crease on the left middle of the card starting from the border. From what I have read I am thinking this would grade as a 5, but alas I have no experience grading damaged cards. Thoughts?

I heard any crease is insta 6 or less. I woudln’t bother grading it tbh, unless you’re happy with a 6?

If you’re selling, you’d probably earn more than PSA 6 price anyway.

Many edits as I wasn’t looking at the 3rd picture… Definitely 6 or less.

I would be happy with a 6 considering the condition, do not know what my chances of that would be though. I sent in a Gold Star Rayquaza with a ton of edge wear and scratches and got a 6. Lowest grade I have ever gotten, understandably so. If I sold I figure I could get around 120 for it, I’d be happy with a 5 or higher grade though because of the future collect ability of the popular crystals. Celebi is arguably the second most popular crystal.

In that case, you should send it in. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t get the grade you expect. The card looks really clean.

I have a Mint card that is pretty much identical to yours with a small crease on the front and it graded a psa 8

If you got an 8, they overlooked the crease. Please don’t sell that one to me my friend;)

If I was hand grading it I would give it a 5 EX just based on the severity of the crease alone. Also the card isn’t flawless as there are marks on the top and bottom rear.