What the...?! Possible misprint?

Hey guys, I was going through my vending series and I came across 3 Nidorina cards, all of them with a white spot in the right corner.
The spots differ in size and I can assure you they are white ink spots, not damage (which is what I thought it was)!
Is this a misprint? Is it a rare misprint?
Here is a scan.

It looks like the front of the card pealing away. It is common in a lot of the glossy old Japanese cards.

Then there should be a fold somewhere, right? There’s no fold anywhere.
At first sight it looked like half of the card was torn off, but the white part feels smooth, if it was ripped off it would feel more rugged.
I think its a spot where the ink didn’t reach, like something was on top of the cards during the printing process.

No it is definitely the front peeling off. Here are a couple of examples of the same issue.

Seems like you’re right, it looks very much like one of those Mew cards.
What a shame… :confused: I thought you meant the cardboard was splitting in half or something and folded over.
So the ink layer is just shrinking and peeling off or something?
I’d expect something to be loose in that case, oh well… :blush:
Coincidentally those cards were the only ones that were NOT in sleeves inside the binder, maybe that has something to do with it.
All my other vending cards are still 100% mint with no peeling.