Looking for information on this misprint - corner ink smear

I’ve only ever seen Jungle Pinsir 9/64 with this misprint. I’m wondering if anyone has seen other cards with it, or if anyone knows why these happened? I’m also interested in buying/trading for them if anyone has one. Here are 4 that I own, and there’s currently one for sell on eBay. I think they’re fairly rare.

Click here for full size image

Just a miscellaneous error that must have found its way onto a few sheets. What does it look like up close? I find it hard to visualize the error in person.

Kind of like the Base Clefairy error card with a round circle printing dot with a heart inside of the circle. I pulled one straight from a pack! There are some on eBay. Some of these smaller printing errors seem to show up on numerous cards.

This image from an eBay auction for one shows it a bit clearer:


It looks like the print head shook as it tried to print that section, causing some of the foil to not get covered in ink, and the ink meant for the border corner to be smeared over to the side. There’s also a sliver of foil showing on the “D” of the 1st edition symbol. That part looks more like it was scratched, but every card has that same sliver showing.

Pretty cool! As for value, it’s not likely worth much more than the Diglett and Butterfree misprints which may (or may not) be more common, but are better known.

It’s a cool thing to have and to collect, but I don’t personally see much premium on top of the regular 1st Edition Pinsir price.

Yea they’re probably more valuable to me than anyone else, Pinsir 9/64 happens to be my favorite card. I had already collected it in all the different languages and print runs when I found out that these exist. They go for $10-15 on eBay when the seller lists it as a misprint, but I’ve picked up two for around $5 from people that didn’t realize there was anything special about it.

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You should collect them by the 9-pocket page haha! Would be awesome

Thanks for sharing :blush:

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I remember this one from the gym. It is one of those situations where people won’t notice it as they will the butterfree or more notable errors. If that ink blot on the butterfree were in a different position it probably would of not become as notable or referred to as the “d” edition.