Want Jungle Pinsir 9/64 miscuts/misprints/errors etc.

Mainly looking for the corner smear misprint as seen here:

And major off center cuts as seen here:

I’m not looking for the missing set symbol error. Let me know if you’ve got one you think I’d be interested in, thanks!

I’ve got a scratch misprint. It’s in a semi-rigid ready to be graded. I just wasn’t sure what to label it as. It’s probably going to be sent out next Saturday.

I have the scratch misprint which was purchased off eBay by accident when looking for a regular Pinsir 1st Ed.

What a peculiar yet fascinating misprint. I’m surprised there are a number of these out there, it looks like the kind of thing that would be a one-off printing error.

Updated with more info, and bumping!

Monthly bump! So far I’ve obtained 15 of these!

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